19 Hypoallergenic Cats That Act Like Dogs (With Pictures)

There could be hundreds of reasons; which put you in search of low-shedding cats that act like dogs, maybe because of strict landlords (who don’t allow dogs), or maybe you need a low-maintenance, outgoing, affectionate pet (that can live alone when you are at work). Or possibly you just want two pets in one.

So whatever reason you have, these below-mentioned cats breeds have something for everyone. 

Let’s see which cat is the right companion for you!

Here Are Hypoallergenic Cats That Act Like Dogs


Burmese cat

Loyalty like dogs and activeness like monkeys, Burmese is a combination of three pets in one (dog, monkey, and of course, a cat). 

If you’re looking for cats that don’t meow enormously, then don’t look for Burmese because they are a highly vocal breed. 

And, if you bring Burmese to your place, just forget about your privacy. Because these cats will be involved in every possible thing; you are into, even in the bathroom.

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora is known for its stunning white fur, which makes them look like a fluffy coat ball. If you’re an active person and love doing tons of fun activities daily, bring this breed because they love to be involved in everything you are doing or going to do. 

They are a pure natural breed, not like others that developed throughout selective breeding. 

Same as dogs, they often run to the door whenever the doorbell rings, of course, to greet visitors. 


Tonkinese Hypoallergenic Cats That Act Like Dogs

Tonkinese is frankly known as Tonk’ — these cats are very affectionate, and you often see them riding on their loved ones’ shoulders. 

These cats don’t mind spending time without you when you are at work. But it’s great if you should have another pet (good if it’s another cat) to give them company. 

Tonk’s are social and playful cats who do well around strangers because they like meeting people so that they can demand attention from them.


Chausie Hypoallergenic Cats That Act Like Dogs

Chausie is basically a cross between an Abyssinian and wild cat, so it’s no wonder if Chausie somewhat looks like a wild cat to you. 

After all, they inherited some wild features from one of their wild parents.

But don’t get fooled by their wild look; they are good-natured and social cats. They are very athletic felines who require a good amount of daily playtime. Chausie usually does well with everyone, except with unrespectful kids.

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Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cat

Cornish Rex is a confident and loyal cat who loves being held by people; this quality makes things easier during regular veterinarian checkups. 

They are complete dog-like cats that enjoy playtime, nearly any game. 

Cornish Rex is an active and fast feline that is always on the move, meaning once near you and just blink your eye, and you’ll probably find them somewhere far from you. 


Abyssinian cat

This ancient breed is truly a dog-like cat when it comes to playtime and running around. Abyssinian love exploring their surroundings, and for that, they can go anywhere in the home. 

They are smart cats meaning if you aren’t there for them to play fetch, they will surely find their own entertainment in no time. 

As they are intelligent cats, they do well during leash training. 

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair cat

Have you ever heard of shadow cats; well, you probably not, but Oriental Shorthair is one of them – they will attach to you like your own shadow. 

If you have these cats, there is no chance that you will ever get bored because they are natural entertainers.

If these cats didn’t get enough toys to play with, they might make their own, which is not always good for your stuff. Remember one thing these cats get depressed when being ignored by their owners.


Bengal Hypoallergenic Cats That Act Like Dogs

Bengal cats are very friendly and confident breeds who like playing in the water, such as ponds, pools. So if you love swimming, Bengal cats will be an excellent buddy for you. 

If you socialize this cat early with household pets and kids, she will get along well with them. 

They are athletic, agile, and quick learners; you can easily teach them new tricks in less time! Their curious mind often looks for new interesting things, which sometimes puts them in trouble. 


Siberian cat

Siberian cats are often described as dog-like cats because of their problem-solving skills. 

These cats take quite a lot of time to mature properly (typically 4 to 5 years), which is good if you want to see a puppy or kittens’ personality for more years. 

They aren’t a high demanding breed and usually stay happy around their family. They are also amazing mousers — if you have dozens of unwanted mice, don’t worry, they will take care of it. 


Balinese cat

Balinese are independent and extremely intelligent cats, often considered as one of the most intelligent long-haired cats. They are pretty vocal who will let you know all their needs in a softer tone. 

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These cats can easily be left alone at home with plenty of entertainment stuff so that they don’t get bored. 

Their long smooth fur is easy to groom and produces less Fel D1 protein that causes allergies. 


Bombay Hypoallergenic Cats That Act Like Dogs

Bombay is well-known worldwide for its pure shiny solid black coat, which makes them look like a cute little panther. 

They are highly adaptable cats who can live anywhere as long as they receive enough love from their owners. 

Bombay cats can be leash-trained easily, as well as they can play fetch continuously for long hours without even getting tired. They aren’t shy and often love getting attention from anyone, even with kids and strangers. 

Devon Rex

Devon Rex cat

Devon Rex is a curly-haired cat that has a friendly and outgoing personality. They are pretty entertaining cats who do all silly things to keep a smile on your face, the same as “Labrador Retrievers” do. 

They stay gentle around guests and socialize well with them. 

They can be a good travel partner for people who love road trips. 

Their short silky curly coat does require little more care than other cat breeds. 

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail cat

Like Bengal cats, the Japanese Bobtail is another breed that has a great love of water, so if you found their paws wet, you better check your faucets. They have pretty active personalities as well, which remain the same even in adulthood.

Japanese Bobtails love to be near you all the time just to get a little more attention from you. 

And in case you want to have a pet that replies to you whenever you speak with them, then don’t look further because Japanese Bobtail replies every time. 


Sphynx cat

Sphynx is a hairless, wrinkled skin breed that requires a significant amount of skincare because they suffer from skin irritations and have a high risk of sunburn. 

They are a completely hairless breed, but some do have a fine layer of fur that makes them soft to the touch. 

These cats are devoted to their owners just like a dog and will follow them around the room to room. 


Ocicat cat

Ocicat is a crossbreed of Abyssinian and a Siamese — the combination of these two breeds gives Ocicat some excellent traits. 

They are social and engaging cats not only with family but also with strangers and other pets.

With these cats, you don’t have to wait for weeks to train them with commands and tricks because these cats are very easy to train. Ocicat can be a good pet for any family. 

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Birman cat

Birman is a low-maintenance silky longhaired cat breed that isn’t as active as other cats. 

They prefer a calm environment where they can lay most of the time. They are quite independent cats who do well when left alone for continuous hours during the daytime. 

They don’t mind socializing with others, whether it’s a stranger, or kids, or other household pets. They have a sweet voice, which they use to remind you that “my bowl is empty.”

Turkish Van

Turkish Van cat

Don’t know how to swim? Don’t worry, these cats love swimming, and they don’t mind teaching you as well. 

If your home is full of expensive items like vases or antiques, you better hide those things or don’t bring a Turkish Van to your place because these cats love pushing items off a shelf. 

We all know that dogs love playing in the mud and in shallow water — these cats also love that, of course not in mud, but shallow kid tubs are a perfect spot for them during the summer season. 


Somali cat

Somali is an affectionate and loving feline with whom you can snuggle up anytime, anywhere, just like canines. 

These felines make a great bond with their loved ones, especially when you play with them daily. 

And it’s always better to have some mental stimulation toys for this brainy cat. 

Somali are clever cats, and like most dogs, they can open kitchen cabinets when you are not around, so make sure you keep cabinets locked so that they don’t get hurt. They are great climbers as well; you may find them on the highest point in the room.


Singapura cat

This breed resembles small dog breeds like Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Pomeranian because of their small size. And not just size, they also have quite similar personalities. They are high-energy and silly cats who love playing with their owners. 

They are low-maintenance cats that shed very little means they don’t require regular grooming. 

They are a curious outgoing breed that makes a great family pet because they get along well with everyone.