5 Best Bird Baths For Attracting Birds Of All Kind

Best Bird Baths attracting birds

Providing a bird bath is the best thing you ever could to birds, as best bird baths for attracting birds of all kinds, whether it’s a seed eater or insect eater (even some shy/rare bird species that have never come to your yard before). Buying bird baths is not a piece of cake, as not … Read more

5 Best Pole Mounted Bird Feeders Squirrel Proof

Best pole mounted bird feeders squirrel proof

Does pole mounted bird feeders squirrel proof really work? It is the most common question asked by almost every birder. Well, the answer is YES,” the squirrel proof bird feeders actually work pretty well if used correctly.  I’m using 32 of them at my farm, and believe me: no one has access to those bird … Read more

6 Best Food For Wild Birds: To Attract Most Bird Species

Best food for wild birds

Being a wild bird enthusiast, you’ll surely love to feed your backyard birds every day with different seeds, nuts, fruits, and much more. But what if you find that the food you provide to your backyard bird is actually harmful to them! Yes, there is some food that you should not feed a bird. In … Read more