11 Cat With Brown Eyes (Plus Pictures)

In the domestic pet world, cats are the only creature that has a variety of eye colors. Where brown, hazel/brown, and of course orange/amber are the least common (pretty much “rare”) colors that you might see in cats’ eyes. 

But some domestic cat breeds can develop these eye colors if you are lucky enough to adopt the right breed!

So let’s check them out! So that you can also have a cat with brown eyes.

Here Are Some Beautiful Cat Breeds With Brown Eyes

Munchkin Cat

Munchkin cat

Munchkin is an intelligent, people-oriented, and good-natured cat that has a pretty unique personality in the cat world because of its small legs.

This cute little ginger cat does come with brown eyes, but usually, they have many other eye colors as well, including yellow, blue, gold, green, and odd. 

Most cats lose their playfulness in adulthood but don’t get fooled by Munchkin’s small legs as they are a very playful and fast breed even in adulthood. However, they are not as flexible as other cats are! They can’t keep themselves clean properly, which means they do require assistance for grooming. 

Pixiebob Cat

Pixiebob Cat

Pixiebob is a quite large cat breed with a muscular body like a wild bobcat. But their wild looks don’t make them wild at all. They are a sweet, gentle, and easy-going breed that doesn’t have any wildest traits except their looks, where their body shape and golden brown eye color look attractive. 

Pixiebob makes good bonding with their family members and loves to spend time with them. With a dog-like personality, Pixiebob does well with kids and other household pets.

And when we talk about health, Pixiebob is a healthier breed than others and doesn’t easily get any health problems. 

Savannah Cat

Savannah cat

This breed almost represents cheetahs because of its slim body and striking spotted coat. And they are also great in height, about 17 inches.

Savannah Cat has a wide variety of eye colors, including dark or light brown, hazel, orange, gold, auburn, yellow, copper, and more; however, their eye color sometimes reflects the coat color. 

Savannah Cats love water and don’t mind spending time in water activities with their owners. They are smart enough that you can easily train them to walk on a leash. But make sure you socialize them early as they are suspicious of strangers, which isn’t safe for people they don’t like. 

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Selkirk Rex Cat

Selkirk Rex cat

Selkirk Rex cat is the pure long curled hair cat breed that looks pretty weird because of its curly hairdo. But despite their weird looks, Selkirks is very cuddly and fluffy cats. You can easily see this cat breed in many different eye colors, including brawn. 

Selkirk is a less demanding breed, but she does require a good amount of attention from their owners, so you must spend plenty of time with them! They are fun-loving cats who get bored easily if nothing is interesting for them to do. So make sure you do have some mental stimulation toys for them, especially when left alone. 

Singapura Cat

Singapura cat

This micro-sized cat is considered the smallest cat breed in the whole feline world. This breed loves human attention, especially of its owner, and can do anything to grab its owner’s attention at any time. Singapura cats have large brown eyes, which looks amazing on their small body. 

Singapura cats are an intelligent and energetic breed that loves to play with their loved ones at any time. But as they thrive on human attention, they can’t be left alone. 

These felines try to be involved in everything that you do, whether during preparing dinner or in any other activity. You may always find them on your side, which can be a little annoying!

Toyger Cat 

Toyger Cat

This breed almost represents a small version of a Tiger because of its tiger stripe coat. That’s why she got his name Toyger which simply represents the two words, “Toy” and the “Tiger.”

However, many people think that a Toyger cat is a cross between a real tiger and a domestic cat, well that’s not true at all! 

Toyger is basically a cross between shorthair cat and Bengal cat, which is why they are complete domestic cat-like others. And their pure dark brown eyes and a tiger stripe coat give them majestic looks, just like a tiger cub that never grows big. 

LaPerm Cat

LaPerm cat

LaPerm cat is another breed that has curly hair like Selkirk Rex. This lap cat is the perfect choice for a home with well-mannered kids, particularly young ones.

They are silent cats who don’t make much noise but have a high prey drive, which can be deadly for all the mice in your home. 

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If you already have a dog and want a cat friend for him, bring a LaPerm Cat as they are dog friendly. And not only dog-friendly, but they are also very affectionate for their family members, including other household pets. LaPerm can adapt to any living place.

Ocicat Cat

Ocicat cat

Ocicats are playful and sociable cats that do well with everyone, including strangers and other pets. As she is good with all, she makes a great traveling companion as well. But due to being too social with humans, she can develop separation anxiety when left alone for too long. 

Ocicat Cats are good at bonding with the person they love, so try to be on his list as they make an unbreakable bond for lifelong.

And it’s pretty easy for owners to train this cat with new tricks, as they are an intelligent breed. They are fond of following their favorite person everywhere where they go!

Peterbald Cat

Peterbald cat

Peterbald is a well-known hairless feline that requires more skincare than any other breed because they don’t have a hairy coat.

That’s why their direct skin exposure can lead to injuries like scratches and cuts. He is an incredibly playful cat who doesn’t mind playing with other cats and even with dogs and kids. 

Winters can be the most difficult time for them as they don’t have fur that keeps them warm, so keep this little guy inside the house. As well as too hot temperature can also cause sunburns. They love climbing onto your lap for a cuddle whenever they get the chance to do so.

Ragamuffin Cat

Ragamuffin cat

Ragamuffin is a pure docile nature cat that doesn’t mind being held by its owners or others. If you want a dog-like cat, go with Ragamuffin because they are friendly like a dog and sweet like a puppy, and also good at playing fetch. But this breed is known to develop separation anxiety if left alone for long hours.

Ragamuffin is a little bit related to Ragdoll, as they both have the same personality and temperament. But they are completely two separate breeds, so don’t get confused! Ragamuffin comes in many eye colors (almost all colors) than Ragdoll.

On the other hand, this cat can be an excellent choice for old-aged people because of its sweet and calm nature.

Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex cat

Devon Rex is an energetic cat breed that has a pretty unique personality because of its wavy hairdo, big ears, and cylindrical body shape. This breed comes in varieties of coat colors, including white, black, blue, cinnamon, brown, even chocolate, and many more.

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If you’re interested in outdoor activities, then Devon Rex cat is the best option available for you because this breed loves being involved in outdoor activities. They are loving cats who are good with everyone, it doesn’t matter if it’s a stranger or other pets and kids.

Devon owners often say that this breed will always keep a smile on its owner’s face as they are deeply entertaining. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Black Cats have brown eyes?

Yes, Black Cats can also have brown eyes because not all felines’ eye color is linked to their coat color. Some cats have inherited genes from their parents, which give them beautiful light or dark brown eye colors and even sometimes odd colors, which typically means one eye with blue color and the other eye is either brown, green, or yellow. 

What color are brown cats’ eyes?

There is no specific eye color that you can see in the brown cat because it totally depends on the level of melanin that passed into them in genes from their parents. However, most brown cats are often seen with these eye colors such as yellow, green, blue, golden, amber, copper, and even odd eyes. 

Are brown eyes rare cats?

The brown color eye is a little uncommon in cats (not very rare) means that out of 100 cats, you can easily find 5 to 10 cats with brown eyes. However, some other colors, such as hazel/brown and orange/amber, are extremely rare to see in cats’ eyes. And blue color eyes are also quite rare to see in adult cats.         

Why does my kitten have brown eyes?

There are two possibilities for your cat to have brown eyes. The first one is genes that are passed into them from their parents. And second, one is a sickness; for example, if your cat is suffering from leukemia or uveitis, then there would be great chances that her eye will develop darker eye color like dark brown. 

Is brown eyes common in cats?

Yes, it’s 100% normal for a cat to have brown eyes naturally unless your cat’s eye color changed due to sickness. Changing eye color due to illness, such as “uveitis,” can lead to eye infection and some other serious conditions, which can cause permanent vision loss if left untreated.