About Us

I am the veterinarians’ son and animal lover who enjoy researching and teaching other people how to take good care of pets, naturally. I love animals, and Iโ€™ve had several pets, including 8-dogs, hamsters, reptiles, cats, birds, fish, and as well as some beautiful backyard visitors.

I have been researching pet products for more than 21 years with the help of my veterinarian parents! While taking good care of my pets and backyard animals, and I learned a lot about various pets like dogs, hamsters, horses, cats, fishes, birds, reptiles, farm animals, wild animals, etc.

I thought people like me are also searching for pets products, so I have concluded all information in the familiar window to share beneficial solutions for every pet problem. The content is totally written under the supervision of my veterinarian parents and a little bit based on my learning, research, and understanding of animal behavior for the last Twenty-one years.

And if you love your pets as much as I love mine, youโ€™re probably concerned about how to find the safe and best way to take good care of them. I have gone through various factors and analyzed what things work the best for every pet to make them healthy and happy for life long. That’s why I created this blog to help you make a more informed decision when buying pet products online and to share fun & valuable facts about all animals.

John Malone
The primary writer on the site