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At Derp Pets, our primary goal is to conclude all information in the familiar window to share beneficial solutions for daily pet problems, including pet care tips & tricks and amazing facts about them. After all, Pets Deserves The Best!

We’ve passed through numerous factors and probed what things serve the best for every pet to make them healthy and happy. That’s why we started this blog to spread fun and worthy facts about pets and to help you for making an informed choice when buying pet products online.

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John Malone

John Malone
Writer, Editor

Hey there, I’m John Malone (the veterinarian’s son); I spend most of the time every day with my veterinarian parents in their clinic to learn new stuff about pets. Because I love animals, and I love to educate myself every day.

I have been with pets my entire life – I’ve had several pets, including 8-dogs (2 pure breeds and 6-mixes), cats, birds, fish, hamsters, as well as some beautiful backyard visitors.

I have been researching the best quality pet products for more than 21 years with the help of my veterinarian parents advice! And I’ve learned a lot about pet products, such as food, gear, accessories, and more.

I have written widely regarding pets and informative content about their products. I have also worked as a Guard dog trainer and Service dog trainer for 7 years.

Ava Smith

Ava Smith
Writer / Design / video

I grew up on a ranch with numerous pets and other farm animals including, dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, chickens, cattle, goats, and more. I volunteer at many birds and dog rescues.

When not managing Derppets, I spend time with my farm animals and educating school kids about farm animals & wildlife.