What Happens If You Cut a Cat’s Whiskers? Don’t Make This Mistake

What Happens If You Cut a Cat's Whiskers

If you’ve ever wondered about trimming your cat’s whiskers, the answer is a resounding no. Cat whiskers are specialized sensory tools that help your feline friend navigate the world. Trimming them causes disorientation, potential danger, and unnecessary discomfort. Whiskers: More Than Just Hair Cat whiskers, scientifically called vibrissae, are far more complex than ordinary fur. … Read more

Short-Haired Orange Tabbies: Your Complete Guide (Care, Breeds, Facts)

Short-Haired Orange Tabbies

Orange tabby cats, with their vibrant stripes and playful personalities, are among the most beloved feline companions. If you’re drawn to their sunny disposition and unique markings, a short-haired orange tabby might be the purrfect addition to your family. What is a Short-Haired Orange Tabby? Let’s get the basics out of the way. “Tabby” refers to a … Read more

Cat with Eye Bags: Causes, Symptoms, & What You Can Do

Cat with Eye Bags.

Cats sometimes develop puffy or swollen areas under their eyes. While this can be normal for certain breeds, it may also indicate allergies, infection, or other health problems. Don’t worry – we’ll help you figure out what to do. Understanding Cat Eye Anatomy Cats naturally have a bit of loose skin under their eyes, which … Read more

Why Is My Cat Aggressive All of a Sudden? Causes & Solutions

Why Is My Cat Aggressive All of a Sudden

Cats are beloved for their independent nature, but sudden aggression can be alarming. If your usually sweet feline has become hostile, there’s likely an underlying reason. The most common culprits are medical issues, environmental stress, and unresolved behavioral problems. Let’s delve into the possible causes and provide guidance on how to help your cat. Medical Checkup: … Read more

Should I Put Coconut Oil on My Cat? Benefits, Risks, Tips

Should I Put Coconut Oil on My Cat

Yes, coconut oil can be safe and beneficial for cats in moderation, both topically (on the skin) and in small amounts as part of their diet. However, it’s crucial to choose the right type of coconut oil, start slowly, and be aware of potential downsides. Benefits of Coconut Oil for Cats Say Goodbye to Dry … Read more

Bed Bugs on Cats? How to Protect Your Pet & Stop the Itch

Bed Bugs on Cats

Bed bugs can bite cats, but it’s important to understand that they won’t infest your cat like fleas or ticks do. Can bed bugs get on cats? While they might go for a bite, these pests are much more interested in hiding close to where humans sleep rather than living on furry animals. Why Bed Bugs … Read more

Why Is My Kitten Shaking & Lethargic? Causes and What to Do

Why Is My Kitten Shaking & Lethargic

Your kitten is shaking, and it’s worrying you. Kittens have less control over their bodies than adult cats, and shaking could be a sign of something minor or a serious health issue. Let’s explore what might be going on and how to help your furry little friend. Reasons Your Kitten Might Be Shaking Feeling Cold: Kittens … Read more

Why Does My Cat Keep Throwing Up Her Food? Causes and Solutions

why does my cat keep puking up her food

Your cat’s repeated vomiting is likely caused by one of several factors, ranging from simple dietary issues to more serious health problems. It’s essential to understand the potential reasons to help your feline friend. Understanding Vomiting vs. Regurgitation Before diving into the causes, let’s distinguish between two often confused terms: Vomiting: A forceful expulsion of stomach … Read more

Kitten Teething Chart: Timeline, Relief Tips, What to Expect

Kitten Teething Chart

Your kitten is likely to start teething between 2 -4 weeks of age. This process can involve mild discomfort, so it’s important to understand the timeline and how to help your furry friend feel better. Understanding Your Kitten’s Teething Timeline Kittens go through two phases of teeth development, just like human babies: Baby Teeth (Deciduous … Read more

Is Coleus Toxic to Cats? Yes! Here’s How to Protect Your Cat

Is Coleus Toxic to Cats Yes

Yes, coleus plants are mildly toxic to cats. They contain essential oils that can cause digestive upset, skin irritation, and in severe cases, respiratory distress. It’s important to keep these colorful plants out of your feline friends’ reach. Why is Coleus a Problem for Cats? Coleus plants look stunning with their bright leaves, but they … Read more

Why Does My Cat Growl and What Can I Do? Solutions From Experts

Why Does My Cat Growl and What Can I Do

Cats can be surprisingly vocal, and while meows and purrs are familiar, a growl might make you wonder what’s wrong. A cat’s growl is a clear warning signal. It means they are feeling uncomfortable, threatened, or even in pain. Let’s dive into the reasons behind growling and how to best respond to this feline behavior. Decoding Your … Read more

How to Trim Your Cat’s Claws Without the Drama: A Quick Guide

How to Trim Your Cat's Claws

Keeping your cat’s claws trimmed is essential for their comfort and your furniture’s safety. While it might seem daunting, with the right approach you can turn nail trims into a positive experience for both of you. Why Trim Cat Claws? Supplies & Preparation Why Do Cats Dislike Nail Trims? Many cats dislike having their paws … Read more

Tired of Your Cat Peeing on the Couch? Ultimate Fix Starts Here

Your Cat Peeing on the Couch

Before addressing the behavior, it’s essential to rule out underlying medical problems. Have your veterinarian check your cat, as issues like urinary tract infections (UTIs), bladder problems, diabetes, and other conditions can cause a cat to urinate inappropriately. This is a crucial first step in understanding and resolving how to stop your cat from peeing … Read more

Why Can’t My Kitten Meow? Reasons Why and What to Do

Why Can't My Kitten Meow

Your kitten opens their mouth to meow, but no sound comes out. This is completely normal in some cases, but it can also raise concerns. Rest assured, there are many reasons why your kitten may be a silent companion.  Let’s explore why your little feline friend might not be making those classic “meow” sounds. Newborn Kittens: … Read more

The Most Common Cat Eye Color: It Might Surprise You!

The Most Common Cat Eye Color

Have you ever gazed into your feline friend’s eyes and wondered about the origin of their captivating color? You’re not alone! The most common cat eye color is actually yellow/amber, followed closely by hazel. This is due to a fascinating pigment called melanin. Let’s dive deeper into the world of feline eye colors. Why Yellow/Amber Eyes … Read more

The Best Teddy Bear Cat Breed for You: A Complete Guide

Teddy Bear Cat

If you’re drawn to the soft, huggable charm of a teddy bear, get ready to meet your feline match! Teddy bear cat breeds boast irresistibly fluffy fur, sweet round faces, and gentle, loving natures. What Makes a Teddy Bear Cat? While there’s no single “teddy bear cat” breed, these felines share some key features: Popular … Read more

Senior Cat Hair Loss: Causes, Solutions, and Expert Care

Senior Cat Hair Loss

It’s natural to feel concerned if your beloved senior cat starts shedding more than usual. While some age-related fur thinning might occur, several factors, from simple aging to potential health issues, can cause hair loss. Knowing the signs helps you address it appropriately. Why is My Elderly Cat Losing Hair? 1. Normal Aging: Just like humans, … Read more

Can Cats Sense When You’re Sad? What the Science Says

Can Cats Sense When You're Sad

Yes, cats can often sense when their humans are sad. While they may not understand the complexities of human sadness, they are highly attuned to changes in your behavior, voice, and even your scent – all of which can signal emotional distress. How Cats Perceive Your Sadness 1. Body Language Cues: Cats are masters of reading … Read more

The Ultimate Feline Trust Signal: Why Cats Sleep on Their Backs

Why Cats Sleep on Their Backs

Have you ever walked into a room to find your cat snoozing belly-up, paws in the air, looking completely carefree? This seemingly vulnerable position is actually a sign your cat feels incredibly safe and deeply content. Cats instinctively protect their bellies, so exposing them like this demonstrates remarkable trust in both their environment and in … Read more

Top 9 Smartest Cat Breeds: (With Pictures and Facts)

smartest cat breeds

The most intelligent cat breeds, including the Abyssinian, Siamese, Bengal, Burmese, and others, demonstrate exceptional abilities in problem-solving, learning, communication, and adaptability. These cats possess an inherent curiosity and thrive in environments that stimulate their minds. Top Intelligent Breeds: A Closer Look Let’s delve into the breeds renowned for their intellectual prowess: 1. Abyssinian Abyssinian: These … Read more

Are Cat Whiskers Poisonous? Some Crucial Facts To Know

are cat whiskers poisonous

Cat whiskers are not poisonous to cats or to humans. They are made of keratin, which is the same protein that makes up human hair and nails.   What Happens If You Ingest Cat Whiskers? There is nothing to worry about ingesting a few cat whiskers they will simply pass through your system. But ingesting large … Read more

Are Cat Recovery Suits Safe? Thing Owners Should Know

are cat recovery suits safe

Cats recovery suits are completely safe to use and also recommended by most veterinarians. But sometimes recovery suits can cause a lot of stress and anxiety to the cat. Especially for those cats who don’t like to be restrained in any way. Are Cat Recovery Suits Better Than Cones? The recovery suit is a garment … Read more

Can Cats Produce Milk Without Being Pregnant?

can cats produce milk without being pregnant

Cats can produce milk sometimes without being pregnant. Cats are mammals and they have mammary glands that produce milk. The mammary glands are located on the cat’s chest, just below the nipples. Do Cats Produce Milk While Pregnant? Cats do not produce milk while pregnant. However, cats’ bodies definitely produce a substance called colostrum. The … Read more

Do Cats Make Friends With Neighbors Cats?

do cats make friends with neighbors cats

There are some cases where cats make friends with their neighbors. Why Does My Cat Bring Other Cats Home  Here are some common reasons for that.  Do Cats Want To Make Friends With Other Cats? It depends on each cat because some cats are solitary and they don’t want to make friends with other cats. … Read more

Why Do Cats Jump On My Leg? Amazing Facts

why do cats jump on my leg

The most common reason for any cat to jump on people’s legs is because this is the best way for them to get your attention. They also do this when they need something from you such as food or water. Why Does My Cat Pounce On Me And Bite? Cats are predators and they have … Read more

What Happens If A Cat Eats Quetiapine? (Crucial Guidelines)

what happens if a cat eats quetiapine

A cat eating quetiapine is a very rare occurrence almost like one in a hundred. The effects of quetiapine on cats are not well known. However, it is possible that the cat will experience side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, and lethargy. What Medication Is Fatal To Cats? The most common medication that is … Read more

What Happens If Cats Lick Peppermint Oil? Owner Should Know!

what happens if cars lick peppermint oil

If cats lick peppermint oil, they may have an allergic reaction such as a runny nose or wheezing. Cats may also have an unusual heartbeat or respiratory problems, low blood pressure, and other severe physiological reactions. Some cats are quite sensitive to essential oils even a small dose of peppermint oil getting into the cat’s … Read more

What Happens If Cats Get Water In Their Ear?

what happens if cats get water in their ear

If your cat gets water in its ear there is usually nothing to worry about, just dry the ear canal as soon as possible with a cotton ball or tissue. However, if the water inside the ear canal goes even deeper into the cat’s ears, then it can lead to inflammation and infection. Long hair … Read more

What Happens If Cats Are Inbred? Crucial Facts To Know

what happens if cats are inbred

Inbreeding is not for cats. If cats are inbred they can suffer from a wide range of problems and diseases that can be quite hard sometimes to get rid of once they’ve set in. Cats can suffer from infertility, birth defects, and tumor growths. They also have a lower life expectancy due to these problems. … Read more

Do Cats Remember Abuse? Facts Owners Should Know!

do cats remember abuse

Cats can remember the sound of a can opener, the smell of a certain person, and even the taste of a certain food. So yes cats can remember the abuse.  How Long Do Cats Remember Abuse? Cats have been shown to remember abuse in laboratory experiments. In one experiment, cats were trained to associate an … Read more

How Long Cats Bleed After Giving Birth? (Explained)

how long cats bleed after giving birth

If you have a cat and you are wondering how long cats bleed after giving birth, it is important to know that it is not a long time. Cats stop bleeding within an hour. However, bloody “private part” discharge will stay for days which is normal.   Do Cats Bleed After Having Kittens? Cats do not … Read more

11 Cat With Brown Eyes (Plus Pictures)

Cat With Brown Eyes

In the domestic pet world, cats are the only creature that has a variety of eye colors. Where brown, hazel/brown, and of course orange/amber are the least common (pretty much “rare”) colors that you might see in cats’ eyes.  But some domestic cat breeds can develop these eye colors if you are lucky enough to … Read more

Cat Drank Soapy Water or Ate Soap! Here’re 7 Helpful Facts

Why Cat Drank Soapy Water Or Ate Soap

Having a cat is a full-time job because these curious little pets often get into things that aren’t good for them. Sometimes they get stuck, sometimes they get hurt, and occasionally they ingest unhealthy things, like soap, soapy water, detergent, shampoo, etc.  If your cat consumed any of these things, here’re some helpful facts that … Read more

Can Cats Fake A Limp? Here’s Exactly What To Expect

How do you know if your cat is faking a limp or injury

If you have a pretty clever cat, then you are probably wondering whether she actually has a limp or if she is just “faking” it. Here is everything you need to know! Can Cats Fake A Limp?Yes, some cats do fake a limp in front of their owners for particular reasons. Cats are smart animals, … Read more

Why Do Cats Poop When Scared? Facts To Know

why do cats poop when scared

There can be many reasons why cats may poop when scared. But the most common would be the stress of the situation. When a cat is feeling frightened or threatened, its body releases a hormone called cortisol. This hormone can cause gastrointestinal issues, including diarrhea, which is why sometimes cat poop when scared. Why Do … Read more