21 Cute Fluffy White Kittens You’ll Have To See To Believe

Fluffy White Kittens

There is nothing cuter than the fluffy white kittens, but it is also quite confusing to choose one as there is a large variety of kittens out there. Some have curly hair, while some have different eye colors. And some breeds which you might haven’t seen in the white coat before; but exist, which will … Read more

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17 Super Fluffy Dark Brown Cat Breeds (With Picture)

Fluffy Dark Brown Cat Breeds

Brown cats are quite rare, but dark brown and chocolate brown cats are extremely hard to find. However, Havana cats are the most common breed that develops brown or dark brown color. But unfortunately, they are not fluffy at all.  So if you are looking for fluffy dark brown cats, then you are on the … Read more

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11 Cat With Brown Eyes (Plus Pictures)

Cat With Brown Eyes

In the domestic pet world, cats are the only creature that has a variety of eye colors. Where brown, hazel/brown, and of course orange/amber are the least common (pretty much “rare”) colors that you might see in cats’ eyes.  But some domestic cat breeds can develop these eye colors if you are lucky enough to … Read more

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