Are Cat Whiskers Poisonous? Some Crucial Facts To Know

are cat whiskers poisonous

Cat whiskers are not poisonous to cats or to humans. They are made of keratin, which is the same protein that makes up human hair and nails.   What Happens If You Ingest Cat Whiskers? There is nothing to worry about ingesting a few cat whiskers they will simply pass through your system. But ingesting large … Read more

Are Cat Videos Bad For Cats? Some Amazing Facts

are cat videos bad for cats

It depends on individual cats, but for most cats, watching cat videos can be beneficial for them, as it provides them with stimulation and can help to socialize them. However, watching cat videos can be bad for some cats as it may cause them to feel anxious or stressed. Does Cat TV Frustrate Cats? It … Read more

Are Cat Recovery Suits Safe? Thing Owners Should Know

are cat recovery suits safe

Cats recovery suits are completely safe to use and also recommended by most veterinarians. But sometimes recovery suits can cause a lot of stress and anxiety to the cat. Especially for those cats who don’t like to be restrained in any way. Are Cat Recovery Suits Better Than Cones? The recovery suit is a garment … Read more

How Long Are Cats Paws Sore After Declaw? Explained

how long are cats paws sore after declaw

Cats’ paws are sore for a few days after declawing. The soreness is caused by the incisions made during the surgery and usually go away within a week. However, some cats may experience discomfort for longer periods of time. If your cat shows signs of discomfort after a week, it’s best to take them to … Read more

Are Cat Videos Good For Cats? Facts Owners Should Know

are cat videos good for cats

Some cats may enjoy watching videos of other cats, while others may not be as interested. There is no evidence that suggests that watching cat videos is harmful to cats, so if your cat enjoys watching them, there is no harm in letting them do so. What Kind Of Videos Do Cats Like To Watch? … Read more

Are Cat Yawns Contagious? Amazing Facts To Know

are cat yawns contagious

If you see your cat yawning, there’s a good chance you’ll yawn too. But don’t worry, it’s not contagious in the same way as a cold or the flu. You can’t catch a yawn from your cat, but you may be more inclined to yawn yourself if you see them do it. Why Did My … Read more

Why Are Cats Ugly? Amazing Facts Explained

why are cats ugly

Cats are not ugly. They are cute, adorable, and fluffy. They are just misunderstood by many people. Cats have been domesticated for more than 9,000 years and they have been bred over time to look the way they do today. And due to that, some cats might look different than others which you call ugly.  … Read more

Can Cats Produce Milk Without Being Pregnant?

can cats produce milk without being pregnant

Cats can produce milk sometimes without being pregnant. Cats are mammals and they have mammary glands that produce milk. The mammary glands are located on the cat’s chest, just below the nipples. Do Cats Produce Milk While Pregnant? Cats do not produce milk while pregnant. However, cats’ bodies definitely produce a substance called colostrum. The … Read more

Do Cats Make Friends With Neighbors Cats?

do cats make friends with neighbors cats

There are some cases where cats make friends with their neighbors. In the case of a cat living in a multi-cat household, it is possible for them to make friends with other cats in the neighborhood.  Cats that live in rural areas or on farms may also have more opportunities to interact with other cats … Read more

Do Cats Make Friends With Other Cats Outside?

do cats make friends with other cats outside

Cats are known to be solitary animals. They are not social creatures like dogs and usually, they avoid interacting with other cats. However, there are some cases where cats have been seen interacting or making friends with other cats outside of their homes. The first case is when a cat is in heat. Cats in … Read more

Why Does Cat Jump On My Back? Explained With Facts

why does cat jump on my back

Cats are very social animals and they want to be close to their owners. So cats usually jump on your back because it wants your attention and petting. Why Does My Cat Jump On My Back When I Bend Over Cats are considered territorial and curious animals who love to mark their territory by rubbing … Read more

Why Do Cats Jump On My Leg? Amazing Facts

why do cats jump on my leg

The most common reason for any cat to jump on people’s legs is because this is the best way for them to get your attention. They also do this when they need something from you such as food or water. Why Does My Cat Pounce On Me And Bite? Cats are predators and they have … Read more

What Happens If A Cat Eats Quetiapine? (Crucial Guidelines)

what happens if a cat eats quetiapine

A cat eating quetiapine is a very rare occurrence almost like one in a hundred. The effects of quetiapine on cats are not well known. However, it is possible that the cat will experience side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, and lethargy. What Medication Is Fatal To Cats? The most common medication that is … Read more

What Happens If Cats Lick Peppermint Oil? Owner Should Know!

what happens if cars lick peppermint oil

If cats lick peppermint oil, they may have an allergic reaction such as a runny nose or wheezing. Cats may also have an unusual heartbeat or respiratory problems, low blood pressure, and other severe physiological reactions. Some cats are quite sensitive to essential oils even a small dose of peppermint oil getting into the cat’s … Read more

What Happens If Cats Get Water In Their Ear?

what happens if cats get water in their ear

If your cat gets water in its ear there is usually nothing to worry about, just dry the ear canal as soon as possible with a cotton ball or tissue. However, if the water inside the ear canal goes even deeper into the cat’s ears, then it can lead to inflammation and infection. Long hair … Read more

What Happens If Cats Are Inbred? Crucial Facts To Know

what happens if cats are inbred

Inbreeding is not for cats. If cats are inbred they can suffer from a wide range of problems and diseases that can be quite hard sometimes to get rid of once they’ve set in. Cats can suffer from infertility, birth defects, and tumor growths. They also have a lower life expectancy due to these problems. … Read more

Should Cats Be The Same Gender? Amazing Facts

should cats be the same gender

Reasons could be many why people might want their cats to be the same gender. For example, some people might want their cats to have kittens together so that they can keep them all in one place and not have to worry about finding homes for them all separately. Can Cats Be Attracted To The … Read more

Do Cats Remember Abuse? Facts Owners Should Know!

do cats remember abuse

Cats can remember the sound of a can opener, the smell of a certain person, and even the taste of a certain food. So yes cats can remember the abuse.  How Long Do Cats Remember Abuse? Cats have been shown to remember abuse in laboratory experiments. In one experiment, cats were trained to associate an … Read more

Should Cats Be Locked Up At Night? Crucial Fats To Know

should cats be locked up at night

Some reasons which make it necessary that cats should be locked up at night such as: Cats are active at night they can get into fights with other animals.  Cats can pose a threat to small animals at night. Cats can be a nuisance for neighbors at night. Cats can easily get into accidents. However, … Read more

Do Cats Make Plan? Explained + Amazing Facts

do cats make plans

A new study has shown that a cat’s brain is not developed enough to form long-term memories or make plans for the future. So, it is quite unlikely that cats will ever be able to plan anything on their own. But this doesn’t mean that cats don’t have thoughts or feelings. Cats can feel bored … Read more

How Long Cats Bleed After Giving Birth? (Explained)

how long cats bleed after giving birth

If you have a cat and you are wondering how long cats bleed after giving birth, it is important to know that it is not a long time. Cats stop bleeding within an hour. However, bloody “private part” discharge will stay for days which is normal.   Do Cats Bleed After Having Kittens? Cats do not … Read more

11 Cat With Brown Eyes (Plus Pictures)

Cat With Brown Eyes

In the domestic pet world, cats are the only creature that has a variety of eye colors. Where brown, hazel/brown, and of course orange/amber are the least common (pretty much “rare”) colors that you might see in cats’ eyes.  But some domestic cat breeds can develop these eye colors if you are lucky enough to … Read more

Cat Drank Soapy Water or Ate Soap! Here’re 7 Helpful Facts

Why Cat Drank Soapy Water Or Ate Soap

Having a cat is a full-time job because these curious little pets often get into things that aren’t good for them. Sometimes they get stuck, sometimes they get hurt, and occasionally they ingest unhealthy things, like soap, soapy water, detergent, shampoo, etc.  If your cat consumed any of these things, here’re some helpful facts that … Read more

Can Cats Fake A Limp? Here’s Exactly What To Expect

How do you know if your cat is faking a limp or injury

If you have a pretty clever cat, then you are probably wondering whether she actually has a limp or if she is just “faking” it. Here is everything you need to know! Can Cats Fake A Limp?Yes, some cats do fake a limp in front of their owners for particular reasons. Cats are smart animals, … Read more

Why Do Cats Poop When Scared? Facts To Know

why do cats poop when scared

There can be many reasons why cats may poop when scared. But the most common would be the stress of the situation. When a cat is feeling frightened or threatened, its body releases a hormone called cortisol. This hormone can cause gastrointestinal issues, including diarrhea, which is why sometimes cat poop when scared. Why Do … Read more

Why Do Some Cats Meow Without Sound?

why do some cats meow without sound

Some cats meow without producing any sound. This is because they have a condition called laryngeal paralysis, which paralyzes the vocal cords and prevents them from making noise. This condition can be caused by nerve damage, infection, or tumors. If your cat is meowing without making any sound, you should take them to the vet … Read more

Why Do Some Cats Kick Themselves In The Face? (Explained)

why do some cats kick themselves in the face

There are some possible explanations. First is that catskick themselves in the face because they are trying to scratch an itch that they can’t reach with their paws. And secondly is that cats do it because they are trying to dislodge something that is stuck in their fur. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that this … Read more

Why Are Some Cats Just Naturally Skinny! (Solved)

why are some cats just naturally skinny

The most likely explanation is genetics. These cats are simply born with a higher metabolism than other cats, meaning they burn off calories quickly and easily. Another possibility is that they simply don’t eat as much as other cats. Some skinny cats may also have health conditions that affect their appetite or make it difficult … Read more

19 Hypoallergenic Cats That Act Like Dogs (With Pictures)

Hypoallergenic Cats That Act Like Dogs

There could be hundreds of reasons; which put you in search of low-shedding cats that act like dogs, maybe because of strict landlords (who don’t allow dogs), or maybe you need a low-maintenance, outgoing, affectionate pet (that can live alone when you are at work). Or possibly you just want two pets in one. So … Read more

15 Long Haired Cats That Stay Small (Forever)

Long Haired Cats That Stay Small

If you are looking for a furry, fluffy cat, it’s probably the long-haired cat you need. And if you need a kitten-like cat, it’s probably the small cat breed you need. But what if you want a cat with both these qualities in it. Well’ for that, you have to look at these below-mentioned long-haired … Read more

17 Small Non Shedding Cat Breeds (With Pictures)

Small Non Shedding Cat Breeds

Once in a lifetime, many of us must have dreamed of having a cat that remains small forever. If you also had that dream, here is a chance for you all to fulfill your that dream now, especially those cat lovers who want cats but are allergic to cat dander!  The below-mentioned beautiful cats are … Read more

17 Super Fluffy Dark Brown Cat Breeds (With Picture)

Fluffy Dark Brown Cat Breeds

Brown cats are quite rare, but dark brown and chocolate brown cats are extremely hard to find. However, Havana cats are the most common breed that develops brown or dark brown color. But unfortunately, they are not fluffy at all.  So if you are looking for fluffy dark brown cats, then you are on the … Read more

Why Are Some Cats Scared To Go Outside? (Explained)

Why Are Some Cats Scared To Go Outside

Reasons can be many why a cat might be scared of going outside. Cats can be afraid of loud noises, unfamiliar people, or other animals. They may also have been attacked by another animal in the past and now associate going outside with being hurt again. Do Indoor Cats Get Scared Outside? It depends on … Read more

Why Are Some Cats Tails Bent?

Why Are Some Cats Tails Bent

Some cats have their tails bent because of birth defects, accidents, or injuries. However, some cats may also be born with a slightly bent tail for cosmetic reasons. For example, the trait can be popular amongst Siamese breeds or certain longhaired breeds to give them a more elegant appearance. Is It Normal For Cats To … Read more

Why Are Some Cats Obsessed With Food? Explained

why are some cats obsessed with food

We all know that cats are rather finicky creatures and some of them may be obsessed with food. They have so many preferences when it comes to what kind of food they should eat, how much they should get and when. Cats will always do anything for a good meal – so much that some … Read more

Can Cats Be Muscular? Here’s What To Expect

can cats be muscular

Cats, much like humans, get muscles from the proteins provided in their food. This is why cats on a high-protein diet are able to build more muscle than those on a low-protein diet. Can Cats Have Muscular Dystrophy? Cats can have muscular dystrophy, also called feline lower motor neuron disease (FLMD), a neurological disorder. This … Read more