17 Small Non Shedding Cat Breeds (With Pictures)

Once in a lifetime, many of us must have dreamed of having a cat that remains small forever. If you also had that dream, here is a chance for you all to fulfill your that dream now, especially those cat lovers who want cats but are allergic to cat dander! 

The below-mentioned beautiful cats are non shedding cat breeds that stay small their entire life (almost like a 3 to 4 Months old Maine Coon kitten that wouldn’t grow more than that). These cats will keep you entertained with their kitten-like personalities while keeping you allergic-free as well. 

So let’s check ’em out.

Here Are Small Non Shedding Cat Breeds

Devon Rex

Devon Rex cat

Devon Rex is a people-loving cat that appreciates getting attention from anyone.

This breed knows how to grab the attention of their loved ones, and for that, they can do all the silly things they want to. Their low-shedding wavy coat comes in almost any color and pattern you wish for! 

As they are a low shedding breed (means they do shed a little bit), but still, people with allergies do well around them. They are sociable and friendly kittens who love exploring and investigating everything they are curious about and do great with kids and other household pets. 


Singapura cat

Singapura is one of the tiniest cat breeds in the whole feline world that sheds lightly. They are excellent lap cats who love spending time with their owners.

And because of their low shedding coat, they make a perfect cuddly bedwarmer. 

With Singapura cat’s you’ll never feel alone as they are pretty good entertainers and chatty who will keep you entertained with their playfulness and sweet voices also in their adulthood. They don’t act shy in front of other people and stay gentle with them. 


Genetta cat

Genetta is a moderately new small feline breed, or you can say a new short-legged cat breed in the domestic cat world. They are a crossbreed of three beautiful cats typically known as Bengal, Munchkin, and Savannah. 

Genetta inherited most of the good traits from their parents, which is why they are intelligent, active, trainable, and playful cats.

They are affectionate kitties who do well with everyone, even with all household pets, including dogs. Their low-shedding coat comes in many different colors and patterns that only require minimal grooming. 

American Curls

American Curl cat

American Curls is a widely famous cat breed for its unique characteristic that is its curled ears, which curl in the backward direction. They are sweet and friendly kitties who take 2 to 3 years to get fully matured, which typically means that you’ll see their kitten personalities even in adulthood. 

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Their highly adaptable nature and low shedding fur make the breed perfect for any household. American Curl can easily spend long hours alone at home if you have to leave the house for work daily.


Toybob cat

This small cat with a big loving heart makes a good companion for families with kids of all ages and pets. They are considered one of the smallest bobtail cats!

They are playful and gentle cats but aren’t as active as other cats. 

When it comes to climbing, don’t be fooled by their small size because they are great climbers who can climb anywhere at any height when they want to observe everything in the room.

Their low-shedding semi-long coat is relatively low maintenance that comes in all colors and patterns, which makes it easy for you to pick your favorite Toybob.


LaPerm cat

LaPerm is a compact curly-haired cat breed; their curly hair is so fluffy and soft that they make them bouncy to touch.

They come in two variants of the coat, either longhair or shorthair both coat types are low in shedding and as well as mat-resistant. 

These cats are often known as quiet cats who rarely use his voice for anything. They are generally a healthy and active breed that prefers more playtime than being a typical lap cat.


Dwelf cat

Dwelf cats are the best choice for people who don’t want their cat’s fur all over the couch, bed, etc.

These cats aren’t completely hypoallergenic, but yes, they don’t shed hairs as they are hairless, which means there are fewer chances they trigger an allergic reaction to a person that varies from person to person.

They are intelligent cats who do well when around their owners and hate being left alone. These cats aren’t good high jumpers which is safe if your kitchen countertop isn’t safe for them!


Bambino cat

This affectionate and characterful breed has a unique personality because of its short legs and wrinkled skin. They don’t actually shed fur because they don’t have a hairy coat like most hairless breeds. 

They are energetic cats who love to play with toys whenever they get the chance. AS they don’t have a coat that keeps them warm, they do require jackets in cold weather.

They are a great cat for a family with well-mannered kids.


Balinese cat

Balinese is basically a long hair variety of Siamese cats that shed very little if compared with most long hair breeds. They are intelligent and good at learning new things, so it’s better to keep their active mind busy with mental stimulation toys, especially when you are not home.

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These are known to be fond of their owner and will follow them everywhere they go. If you don’t want a highly vocal cat, Balinese isn’t the right choice for you for sure.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cat

Looking for a playmate, bring Cornish Rex because these cats are highly playful and can make any time a playtime.

They have an only undercoat which has a very soft, delicate, wavy, and curly texture that sheds far less than other cats.

They are extremely intelligent cats who know how to open doors and cabinets of any height. So make sure you don’t put anything in those cabinets that can cause harm to her! 


Sphynx cat

Sphynx is the naturally hairless breed that doesn’t shed at all! They can be the center of attention of any home because of their looks and playful personality. 

If they have two options, whether to spend time alone or play with dogs, they will go for the second option every time because they enjoy the company of everyone rather than being alone.

As they are sweet, loving, and friendly cats, they can be an ideal breed to use as therapy cats. 


Siamese cat

The sleek, slim body figure and blue eye color make the Siamese such a beautiful cat breed. They have a pretty unique voice, which you will hear most of the time if you bring this breed because these cats are very chatty. Who loves to do lengthy talks with their people. 

They are friendly, playful, outgoing, social, and of course, one of the demanding breeds.

They require plenty of attention from their family members daily, and they’ll surely let you know if they want more attention from you.

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair cat

This curious little cat is so fond of its people that they will follow them room to room and even in the bathroom, just to know what you’re doing.

They are half a lap cat and half a playmate, and they are excellent in performing both their characters. 

Their intelligent brain needs plenty of mental stimulation toys or other playmates (good if it’s another feline) when they are alone at home for their entertainment. 


Minskin cat

Minskin is a small stature cat breed that can easily soften anyones’ heart with its cute appearance.

As they are small in size, you can often see them standing on their hind legs like “Meerkat” to get a suitable view of the place. 

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Shedding isn’t really an issue with this breed because they have little hair that sheds minimally. Minskin is an easy-to-train cat that knows how to solve problems on its own. They are smart companions who are eager to learn new things. 


Burmese cat

This charming cat is widely known for its low shedding, silky, shiny coat, and sweet voice. They are small to medium size cats, who are truly good at playing games like fetch, hide and seek, tag, and much more. 

These cats are highly social and love human companionship means you can’t leave them alone because they tend to develop stress behaviors.

And due to their friendliness and loving nature with others, they can win over even those who claim to dislike cats. 


Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian is technically a short hair Somalis that sheds very low, but besides that, they have all the same traits as Somali cats.

Abyssinian is the cat who loves height and always finds his way to reach the highest spot in the room. 

They are social, smart, agile, playful, and active cats but still, they don’t require a companion or any toy for playtime because they manage to entertain themselves even with a bottle cap or with anything that is in their reach. 

Russian Blue

Russian Blue cat

Russian Blue is a loyal and intelligent cat breed that sheds very little and doesn’t produce dander that causes allergic reactions. They are medium-sized cats that are gentle in nature and shy with strangers.    

If you are wondering about bringing a Russian Blue to your place, make sure you give them a little bit of daily attention.

Because these cats hate being ignored by their owners, especially by their favorite person with whom they make an unbreakable bond. 

Final Thought

Before you decide to bring any one of these cats to your place, just remember that no cat is completely hypoallergenic; people with mild allergies still get allergic around them!

And no matter which breed melts your heart the most, but whenever you think about getting cats, just remember there are hundreds of cats out there in the shelter who need a loving home. So don’t shop only adopt!