How To Keep A Dog Cool Inside The House (Expert Tips)

How to keep a dog cool inside the house

In this hot summer, you’ll be questioning yourself how to keep a dog cool inside the house without much effort so you can easily protect them from heatstroke, as it is a life-threatening condition for them.

Don’t stress out; I’m here to assist you. In this article, I’ve rounded up some beneficial tips and ideas that you can apply to keep your furry best friend safe and cool inside, especially if you don’t have an AC unit.

But before you check those tips and ideas to keep a dog cool inside the house, you have to know what excessive amount of heat can do to your pup.

Here are the 5-hazardous abnormal heat signs in the dog

How to keep a dog cool inside the house-

Keeping a dog cool inside the house is an excellent choice, but if you observe any of these signs in your dog that I mention below, call your veterinarian immediately, or you better take them to the hospital as soon as you can.

Moving sluggishly

You have often seen this situation when you take your dog out on hot days for a walk, where they walk very gently so that they can keep their temperature low. So avoid walks on hot days! Although the sluggish sign also indicates infection, pain, parasites, and illnesses such as kidney cancer in dogs. 

Heavy panting

Heavy panting is a sign that your dog is dangerously overheated or may be coping with a chronic health problem, so beware because excessively panting also indicates an early sign of heatstroke that can be hazardous to your dog.

Excessive thirst

Extreme temperatures can cause excessive thirst in dogs, where your dog suddenly drinks more water than usual. The high amount of water can cause Water Intoxication in dogs, which leads to lack of coordination, lethargy, nausea, bloating, vomiting, dilated pupils, glazed eyes.

Advanced symptoms include difficulty breathing, collapsing, loss of consciousness, and seizures.

Losing consciousness

A loss of consciousness is also called syncope, which typically happens due to a lack of normal blood flow to the brain. Furthermore, dehydration is also the most common reason for losing consciousness in dogs.

Difficulty breathing

High room temperature or hot weather can easily cause difficulty in breathing in certain dog breeds like brachycephalic breeds, such as Bulldogs, Boxer, Pugs, Boston Terriers, etc.

These breeds are less heat-tolerant than others because of their short-nosed or flat-faced, which is a huge disadvantage for them to breathe in extreme heat.

Here is how to keep a dog cool inside the house (tips and ideas)

How to keep a dog cool inside the house

There are plenty of ways that I mention here to keep a dog cool inside the house. I can assure you these ways or tips work pretty well because I also use these tricks to keep all my dog breeds cool down through the summer season.

Additionally, these hacks are also pretty helpful to keep an old dog cool in hot weather as-well-as to keep your dog cool at night.

Use a cooling fan for dogs

It is an excellent and the most common way to keep your dog cool inside the house, as blowing the air around can help circulate cooler air.

But make sure when you use a fan for cooling purposes, try to close all nearby windows that open out in the backyard so that the fan couldn’t catch the warm air from the outside.

This method works pretty well, which decreases the room temperature by 5 to 6 degrees at least.

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Use electric cooling dog water bowl

refrigerated dog water bowl <-(like this one) is a widely used product by pet parents to keep their furry best friend hydrated and cool in the summer season.

I have also used 3 of them since 2011 for my 8-dogs and other pets. And believe me, this is the first thing that I bought for my dogs before leashes and collars. 

This product is miserable not only for dogs but for each pet that you have. I haven’t replaced any part of this product since 2011 except its carbon filter as I’ve many pets who use electric cooling water bowl, but continuous use makes these filters dirty frequently, which increases the filter changing process.

However, these filters also keep the water fresh and clean for longer. So I don’t mind if I have to change its filter periodically.

(Note: I’m not promoting any products here in this article, I only suggest products that I personally use for my pets). 

Serve your dog cold food

Wait a minute! Cold food doesn’t mean (freeze food or food that you put into the freezer to keep it cold) cold food means food that has cooling properties in it like, fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas, oranges, pears, mango, cucumber, and celery.

These foods help to regulate your dog’s body’s core temperature when outside temperatures soar, especially in summer. Plus, you can also give Kelp or Seaweed as a supplement; both can also cool down your dog’s temperature.

Marble flooring

Don’t worry! I’m not saying to replace your house flooring with marble, but the thing is, dogs love to lay on a cold marble floor to keep themselves cool.

If you don’t have tile flooring in the whole house, I suggest you allow your dog to lay on the kitchen or bathroom floor only in summer as these two are the most common areas in the home with marble flooring, where your dog can comfortably cool down their temperature.

But make sure before you allow your dog to lay on those floors, you must dog-proof your kitchen or bathroom because these areas are a little dangerous for your dog, so you’ll not regret it later.

Use the cooling mat for dogs

Try to use these cooling mats as they deliver ready-to-use cooling anywhere you place them at any time. I also brought this for my dogs in the year 2014; it’s an excellent product.

They loved that cooling mat until I bought a pool for them. Now they love to spend their hot summer days in the water pool rather than on this cooling mat.

This product is also suitable for those who live in an apartment or have a small home and don’t have enough space to keep the pool inside.  

Use Doggie Pool

The indoor doggie pool is a fabulous option in terms of fun, plus keeping a dog cool inside the house. These products are cheaper and commonly available anywhere, which allows your dog to stay chill throughout summer.

And make sure whenever you use these pools, try to put a doggy pool somewhere safe away from the power outlets plugs, as these power outlets can be very dangerous to your dog.

Moreover, if you have an outdoor pool, then only allow your dog to swim in the pool under your supervision as not all dogs are good swimmers. 

Air conditioning

AC is the best way to keep a dog cool inside the house all through the summer, but if you can’t run the AC all day, keep it simple run AC only for an hour or two and let your dog spend his time in that room which is quite enough for your dog to stay cool in a scorching day.

Give your dog a nice trim

Trimming your dog fur is an excellent choice in terms of keeping them cool and keeping their unwanted hair flying around your house.

But take a note here do not entirely shave your dog fur, as shaving their fur allows mosquito bites.

And those mosquito bites can cause swelling, redness, and hives in a dog, but the most common problem from a mosquito bite in a dog is heartworm disease.

If the mosquito is carrying the heartworm larvae, this dangerous disease may be-transmitted to your doggo. 

On the other hand, Some breeds like Golden Retriever, Samoyeds, and German Shepherd will naturally shed their fur when the summer season nears.

So for those breeds, keep simple, only brush their hair to remove the shed hair that got stuck in their coat, rather than shaving and trimming their hair. As complete shaving also increases the chances of sunburn. 

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Do not leave your dog in a warm room

Rooms with poor ventilation, with no AC or fan, with no window or low airflow, and that located in the sunlight direction are the warmest rooms for dogs in summers.

If you have such rooms, don’t lock your dog there, or still better if you allow your dog to roam around in the house so he can decide which room is better for him.

Plus, if you live in an apartment, here are great ideas and toys to keep your dog busy while at work, which also good for your dog to stay calm and relaxed in your absence.

Use a cooling gel collar

Dog cooling gel collar is also great for your dogs in hot weather as these collars are safe for your dog. The collar is made from a durable taffeta with a velcro closure, which is simple to use.

That means you only have to put it in the freezer for at least 20 to 40 minutes before putting it on your dog, which is quite enough for your dog to keep him cool for at least 2 to 5 hours. 

Keep scrolling below if you want to know how to keep a dog cool in a car. So you can save your loved ones’ life in a car because hundred of dogs died in a hot car every year only In the USA due to heatstroke, especially brachycephalic breeds like Pugs, Boston terrier, Boxer, Lhasa, bulldog, Pekingese, etc.

You should learn “NOW” how to keep a dog cool in a car or regret it later!

Here is how to keep the dog cool in a car (Simple lifesaving Hacks) 

how to keep the dog cool in a car

These are essential and easy lifesaving hacks that you should apply whenever you travel with your dog in the car, especially in hot weather.

Let’s see how to keep a dog cool in the car, no matter wherever you take your dog!

Turn on your car ACs

It is the most common and easy way to keep your dog cool in the hot summer. Turn on the AC and keep car windows open for at least 10 to 15 inches so that the car stays cold and ventilated to avoid the greenhouse effect that causes the vehicle to heat up.

And it’s important to let your dog sit in front of the air conditioner vent so he can stay calm and cool in your absence.

Use cooling Pads, Collars, and Bandanas

As I already mentioned above, these products are an excellent choice to keep your dog cool also in cars, particularly when you’re going on long trips where these products work like a charm.

These padscollars, and bandanas hold up surprisingly well and are easy to wipe clean if needed.

On the other hand, these products are available in an affordable price range with pressure-activated gel technology that works without a battery.

Use shade cloth or Park in the shade

Both hacks are excellent whether you use an aluminum shade cloth <-(like this one) or parking your car in a shady area.

If you don’t want to invest in an aluminum shade cloth, try hard as you can to keep your car parked in the complete shaded area or the shade of a building or tree.

Parking your can in a shady place can make a tremendous temperature difference.

But still better if you purchase one aluminum shade cloth because in some states, you can’t find the perfect shady area to park a car, and that’s where these aluminum shade cloths help you to keep your dog cool. 

Provide a cold water source inside the car

Coldwater is a must-have thing for your dog while traveling in the car. So, make sure you always keep a cool water bottle and foldable dog bowl at all times to keep your dog hydrated.

Because dogs cool themselves by panting when they get hot, and panting loses a lot of water, which increases the chances of dehydration, heatstroke, and loss of consciousness.

So to fulfill your dog’s water needs, you should keep at least one or two gallons of water in your car and try to keep that water cool as well. 

Use window sunshade

The window sunshade is also a great option to keep your car temperature a little lower than usual. I have personally used these window sunshades since 2015.

And they are so helpful for keeping my pets and kids safe from the hot rays of the sun.

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You can use these window sunshades as they are affordable and easily fit in any car windows.

However, these sunshades only work for extra gentle dogs, as a stubborn dog could probably scratch these out quickly.

But in my case, things are completely opposite as my pets are much more-gentle than my kids. So beware in both situations!

Use fan and Wireless Temperature Sensor

Try to use an extra fan or (dog air conditioner for the car) if your car’s AC fan system is not that reliable to keep your dog cool on the passenger seat.

Because using extra pair of the fan is an excellent choice, as such, fans can easily attach to the driver seat that also allows 360 degrees of rotation, which helps circulate the cool air of AC in the entire car instantly.  

On the other hand, using a wireless temperature sensor is a great way to keep track of your doggo temperature in the car, especially when you left your dog alone in the car.

And the wireless temperature sensor is also easy to use! Just set up temperature parameters and get a text to your phone if the temperature exceeds. 

Apply these hacks to keep your dog cool and safe from heatstroke’s and loss of consciousness while traveling with them on long trips!


How to keep a dog cool inside the house.

As I already mentioned, dogs cool themselves by panting, and heavily panting loses a lot of water, which leads to dehydration, and because of that, dogs drink an excessive amount of water.

And that’s where the problem begins, as drinking continuously too much water can cause Water Intoxication and Bloat; I already discussed Water Intoxication above.

But there is a bigger problem than that, known as Bloating!

A Bloating is “the mother of all emergencies in dogs,” Bloat, or gastric dilation volvulus (GDV), is a dangerous, life-threatening condition that occurs acutely when the stomach fills with gas and then rotates within the abdomen.

Mostly, bloating happens when dogs drink too much water too fast due to dehydration. Or eat large amounts of food immediately after exercise, as this may make it more likely that a dog will gulp a lot of air along with water or food.

So if you don’t want to see your dog in an emergency condition, add ice cubes in their bowl, as using ice cubes is a great option to slow down the rate of ingestion of water by your furry friend.

And as-well-as let your dog cool down after exerting a lot of energy and excitement before providing food to them.

Finally, those who think that ice is not safe for dogs! Let me tell you: if you’re thinking about offering ice to your dog… just go ahead, as ice is ideally safe for dogs.

Okay, folks, I hope this article about How to keep a dog cool inside the house and car gives you some great ideas to keep your dog cool in this super hot summer.

Stay happy…… and keep your pet healthy!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How to keep your dog cool at night?

Ans: The best way to keep the dog cool during the nighttime is by allowing your dog to spend the night in the AC room. If you don’t have an air conditioner, try using any of these products, such as a cooling fan, cooling mat, cooling gel collar, or let your dog sleep on marble flooring in Kitchen and Bathroom, but make sure you dog-proof those areas first! 

Q: Can you leave dog in car with windows down?

Ans: Simply the answer is NO” Experts don’t suggest leaving a dog in the car alone, especially in summer, even with the windows cracked. Because leaving a dog in the car during hot weather only for minutes can cause Heatstroke, Losing consciousness, Excessive thirst, Difficulty breathing which results in death. Strictly avoid leaving a dog alone in the car!

Q: How long can you leave a dog in a car?

Ans: Cynologist don’t suggest leaving a dog alone in the car even for one minute, but if you have a fully air-conditioned, well-ventilated car with proper supplies like a cooling mat, cooling gel collar, dog bowl with cold water, and when the outside temperature is above freezing and below 70 degrees; then you can only leave your dog for 4 to 5 minutes.

Q: Can you leave a dog in a car on a cool day?

Ans: Cars quickly reach the freezing point in winter, which is dangerous for your dog, so the answer is NO” because leaving your dog alone in the car increase the chances of hypothermia in dogs, which occurs when your dog’s body loses heat faster than it can produce heat, causing a dangerously low body temperature. 

Q: How to keep an old dog cool in hot weather?

Ans: For older dogs, you have to be more careful in summer, as they are more sensitive to heat which makes them overheat quickly. Use some sensitive stuff like a cool coat or vest, chill their bed, plus rubbing alcohol in the paw pads occasionally, as it evaporates quickly and decreases heat along with the evaporation. As-well-as provide a tub or sink with cool water (not cold).