21 Cute Fluffy White Kittens You’ll Have To See To Believe

There is nothing cuter than the fluffy white kittens, but it is also quite confusing to choose one as there is a large variety of kittens out there.

Some have curly hair, while some have different eye colors. And some breeds which you might haven’t seen in the white coat before; but exist, which will force you to say WOW. 

So if you haven’t seen them before, let’s check ’em out today.

Here Are Super Cute Fluffy White Kittens

Persian Kitten

Persian Kitten

This glamorous fluffy cat is one of the popular pedigreed cat breeds that comes in a variety of colors.

They are sweet, gentle in nature, and well known for their melodious voice and undemanding personality that makes them great household pets. 

As this breed has long hair, they require the utmost grooming needs than other breeds. Plus, they have smushed faces which typically indicates that this breed is directly linked to several health issues, including breathing problems.

Siberian Kitten

Siberian Kitten

This cat belongs to the forest areas of Siberia, “Russia,” where temperature mostly stays low. Because of that low temperature, this breed has developed a beautiful thick long fluffy coat.

They are completely affectionate cats who love to spend time with their owners more than any other thing.

They are interested in everything if their human is involved in it too. They aren’t a shy breed like others, which means they are always ready to meet new people and guests.

Scottish Fold Kitten

Scottish Fold Kitten

Scottish Fold is a little sensitive cat who got that unique name because of its folded ears. They are so affectionate for human interaction that they will climb on you for snuggles whenever they find you resting.

Though they love human attention still, they are an undemanding breed.

Scottish Fold’s soft fluffy white coat is short in length and doesn’t require much care. With just weekly brushing, you can easily keep their hair fully and free of dead hair.

Himalayan Kitten

Fluffy White Himalayan Kittens

Himalayan is a cross between Persian and a Siamese cat, which is why they have similar looks as Persian cats and the same sweet, quiet, and docile personality.

As they are sweet and docile, they don’t like loud environments.

Himalayan cats have longer coats than Persian cats; that’s why Himalayan cats’ coats feel more soft and fluffy. These cats know very well how to spend their time alone when their owner is busy or not at home.

Turkish Angora Kitten

Fluffy White Turkish Angora Kittens

This beautiful snowball is so charming that you won’t mind if they break your favorite vase while reaching on top of the bookshelf. Turkish Angora has an endless entertaining ability which means they will always keep a smile on your face.

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They are a social breed who do well with strangers and guests but can’t spend time alone when owners aren’t home.

They make a great bond with the person that has the same sense of humor as their own!

Birman Kitten

Fluffy White Birman Kittens

This breed has the most beautiful pointed pattern coat color, darker on the face, ears, legs, and tail.

They are smart and docile felines who love to explore their surroundings, which is why they often get stuck in things!

If you need a pet that replies to you, bring Birman because they will give you a reply with their melodious voice whenever you talk to them. However, this breed is known for developing gum disease, so a scheduled veterinary checkup is a must!

Selkirk Rex Kitten

Fluffy White Selkirk Rex Kittens

Selkirk Rex is often called a sheep cat because of its white wavy and curly coat that comes in two varieties, long and short versions.

These cats love to play a lot, meaning you can keep them busy most of the time; they will not mind.

They are intelligent and very loving creatures; you’ll often see them sharing their stuff with other cats and household pets, even with dogs.

Maine Coon Kitten

Maine Coon Kitten

Massive in size and loving in nature! Maine Coon is basically the Hulk of the domestic cat world because of its sturdily built muscular body with broad chests and solid legs.

Their long coat is so silky that their kittens almost look like a super-soft toy that grows.

They are a social breed who love to spend time with their owners, so be ready to get followed by them, room to room. Their funloving kittenish personality is so pure that they don’t lose it even in adulthood. 

British Shorthair Kitten

British Shorthair Kitten

British Shorthair is a soft, plush coat breed that is considered one of the oldest domestic cat breeds. They are friendly cats who mostly treat everyone the same as they treat their owners.

They are very smart cats who know very well how to open kitchen cabinets and refrigerators.

British Shorthair is a loyal companion who thrives on human attention. Rather than sitting on your lap, they prefer to sit right next to you.

Highland Fold Kitten

Highland Fold Kitten

Highland Fold is the same breed as Scottish Fold with just a little different in their coat. Highland Fold is basically the long-haired variety of Scottish Fold cats, nothing else. With an extra fluffy coat, they have all the same temperament and personality.

That’s the reason Highland Fold usually draws a lot more attention than the Scottish Fold.

Ragdoll Kitten

Ragdoll Kitten

This easy-going cat breed is incredibly patient and lovable who gets along well with kids and other pets. Even though they have a long fluffy coat, but they still don’t shed much, except in some seasonal shedding, particularly in spring. 

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Ragdolls like nothing more than playing with their owners, meaning at any time, anywhere, with anything, they are always ready to play.

Most of the Ragdoll owners often said that they don’t want their Ragdoll kittens to grow old, as they are extremely fluffy and cute to be petted when they are baby kittens. 

LaPerm Kitten

LaPerm Kitten

LaPerm cats are well known for their unique coat type. Their curly coat is more fluffy than other breeds because their curly coat keeps air stuck inside, which makes the coat bouncy to the touch.

That’s why their kittens look over fluffy and featherlight to hold.

This breed has the habit of touching your face with its paws, which is quite satisfying because their paws are very soft. If you are thinking about getting this cat, then no rodent will be safe in your home.

British Longhair Kitten

Fluffy White British Longhair Kittens

British Longhair is a crossbreed of British Shorthair and Persian cat. They have both their parent’s excellent genes, which give the breed a stunning look. They are the independent breed who don’t mind being left alone for hours, which means they do well without any company.

British Longhair is not an active breed like British shorthair.

They mostly spend their time sleeping on a bed or couch, if nothing is interesting to do.

Japanese Bobtail Kitten

Japanese Bobtail Kitten

Same as the American bobtail, the Japanese bobtail also has a short tail that gives them a unique personality.

This outgoing breed is very playful and friendly who do well with children, cat-friendly dogs, other cats, and pets. They don’t mind socializing with strangers because they love human attention.

They are an active breed which means playtime is the best time for them! And according to these breed owners, the Japanese Bobtail has quite a bit of a stubborn character, which is completely true.

Ragamuffin Kitten

Fluffy White Ragamuffin Kittens

Ragamuffin is a pure gentle giant that loves relaxing in your arms even in adulthood. They are so friendly, cute, and fuzzy that they might look like a puppy to you!

If Ragamuffin has three options to choose from, such as playing with toys, taking a nice nap, or sitting on your lap for a cuddle, they will go with the third option 99% of the time.

If you regularly leave the house for work, this is not the right breed for you because they are extremely social animals that can’t spend hours alone.

Norwegian Forest Kitten

Fluffy White Norwegian Forest Kittens

Norwegian Forest Cat is a deeply friendly, gentle feline. They have a calm temperament which makes them excellent pets for those families who give them limitless love.

Their coat is remarkably shiny, fluffy, water-resistant (that doesn’t mean they can’t get wet), and pretty much dense.

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One of the great things about Norwegian Forest cats is that they can easily adapt to new places and families.

Turkish Van Kitten

Turkish Van Kitten

Turkish Van is a naturally accruing breed of nature; they are a highly intelligent and athletic breed. Where most cats don’t like water, Turkish Van has a deep love of water; they love playing in the water solely or with their owners.

With a pure white fluffy coat, this breed looks more stunning than they actually are.

As they are an intelligent and athletic breed, they require plenty of playtimes and mental stimulation. You can easily train this breed with new tricks, as they are easy to train.

American Bobtail Kitten

American Bobtail Kitten

This wild-looking feline is another short tail breed that makes a loving, playful, and loyal pet.

Like Turkish Van, American Bobtail is also a naturally accruing breed that pretty much has the same appearance as a wild bobcat.

Though they have the wildest appearance, still they aren’t aggressive at all. American bobtails are kind and laidback cats who are neither super active nor very vocal most of the time.

Javanese Kitten

Balinese-Javanese Kitten

Javanese is not a new breed; it is actually a fluffy, long-haired Siamese that you are seeing. They are an agile and super active breed who loves to play fetch and other mental stimulation games.

It is always better to keep two Javanese kittens than one because they do well when together in your absence.

They are a talkative and generally healthy breed that will keep you and your family members happy for more than 15 years without being too demanding.

American Curl Kitten

American Curl Kitten

American Curl is widely popular due to its curl-shaped ears on top.

These cats are typically a kitten in the adult’s body! Because these kittens take almost 2 to 3 years to reach their full maturity, which is good as you can see his kittenish for more time.

They are excellent with children and very adaptable. American Curl comes with a huge variety of color combinations and patterns as well including solid white.

Somali Kitten

Somali Kitten

Somali cats are always the center of attention of any home because they are really good at grabbing the attention of anyone at any time. No doubt that they are extremely intelligent and active felines, who have a great love of height, and you mostly will find them on the uppermost point of any room.

This breed does have a fluffy and soft coat, but unfortunately, they do not come in a solid white coat. But Somali do come in the cream coat, which also looks great on them.

Somali cats make a great pet for any home where they get enough love and care.