15 Long Haired Cats That Stay Small (Forever)

If you are looking for a furry, fluffy cat, it’s probably the long-haired cat you need. And if you need a kitten-like cat, it’s probably the small cat breed you need.

But what if you want a cat with both these qualities in it. Well’ for that, you have to look at these below-mentioned long-haired cats that stay small their entire life that offer something for everyone. 

So, keep scrolling to see all these beautiful “cuddly kittens like” small cats that have silky, luscious long fur.

Here Are Long Haired Cats That Stay Small Their Entire Life

American Curl

American Curl cat

American Curl is a widely popular cat for its curled ears; that’s why she got that name too. 

Their long fluffy coat has a very silky, soft texture to touch. And their fur is not just long and smooth, but it also comes in any possible colors and patterns, from tortoiseshell to color point. 

They are small cats; also, they are slow in maturity, which is a good thing because you have a great chance to see their kittenish personality for more years. They are people-loving cats who are friendly, active, and gentle with others, even with kids. 


Munchkin cat

This short-legged cat breed comes in three different coat variants, either long-haired or short-haired or can be hairless for people with dander allergies. 

They are curious little cats who love to explore! And you’ll probably see them exploring their surroundings (each and everything around them) whenever they get the chance.

Don’t get fooled by Munchkin’s short structure; they are pretty playful and energetic cats. They also like to snuggle up with their family members, as well as they don’t mind being with kids and other household pets. Munchkin’s are known for snatching their owner’s belongings (particularly shiny objects), so make sure you keep them out of their reach.

Highland Fold

Highland Fold cat

This round-faced cat with big eyes and a fluffy coat looks adorable almost at any age, even in adulthood. 

Highland Fold cats are generally a long-haired variety of Scottish Fold, who prefer a companion most of the time to keep them company. These loving felines make good furry pets for any family!

Like most canines, these felines are also known for relaxing in some unusual positions, like laying on their back while keeping all paws up in the air. These cats love their owner’s attention and prefer to sit near them.

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Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora Long Haired Cats That Stay Small

Turkish Angora is a highly intelligent cat breed that comes with a stunning long white coat that does shed more and requires a fair amount of grooming. They have large ears and tail that enhances their looks way better! 

They are a generally healthy breed that has a long life span. They are small to medium-size cats who incredibly bond with their family members, especially with one person — whom they love the most. 

They are independent cats who don’t mind being left alone for hours. 


LaPerm cat

LaPerm is a relatively new breed that has a long-haired tight curly coat; their coat can either be wavy or ringlets – which gives it a bouncy texture. 

They are friendly kitties who love human attention and don’t miss any chance to sit right next to you. 

Their compact size and clownish personality make them a perfect lap cat. They are also good playmates who don’t mind playing with anyone, whether it’s humans, cats, dogs, or other household pets. 


Somali cat

Most people don’t know that Somali and Abyssinian are the same breeds; Somali has a long fluffy coat and a full brushtail, whereas Abyssinian has a short coat. 

These cats love climbing and jumping at every possible place for joy! They are a highly trainable and intelligent breed. 

As they are smart felines, they require plenty of exercises daily to keep them active, happy, healthy, and of course, motivated. People often complain that these cats are really good at opening kitchen cabinets, so make sure you hide all harmful stuff from those cabinets. 


Balinese cat

Balinese is a fluffier, silky long-haired cat that is a close relative of the Siamese breed, or you can say (it is a long-haired variety of the Siamese). 

If you have dander allergies, this cat is an excellent choice for you because they don’t have an undercoat that causes allergies. 

They like to be your helper and will follow you around to see what you are doing. They are smart and playful cats; you can easily train them with new tricks as well as to walk on a leash. 

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail cat

This is one of the oldest natural cat breeds that still exist! 

They are highly athletic and social cats who come in both long and short-haired varieties. Cats usually hate stepping into the water, but Japanese bobtails aren’t one of them. They love playing around water like in ponds, pools, and even with their water dish. 

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If you enjoy the RV lifestyle and want to have a cat who will travel along with you, then the Japanese Bobtail is the right option you have. Because these cats are highly adaptable, which makes them good travel partners.  


Javanese Long Haired Cats That Stay Small

Looking for a talkative cat breed, then Javanese is here for you. Because these cats are pretty vocal who don’t mind telling you all their needs in their different vocalizations. They love human attention! They appreciate playing with those who give them enough attention. 

These cats are known to be quite foody and can easily gain lots of weight, so don’t overfeed them to keep them healthy and active. 

They are complete velcro cats who love to stick by their owner’s side almost all the time to help them in all their work. 


Minuet cat Long Haired Cats That Stay Small

This small cute cat is a cross between a Persian and a Munchkin! They have both their parent’s features, such as Munchkin’s short leg and Persian’s long fluffy coat. They are a very gentle breed who are affectionate and social as well. 

Even though they have short legs, but they are still pretty fast cats who love to play. 

Because of their sweet and caring nature, these cats get along well with others, including kids and other pets. These cats are known to entertain themselves if their human isn’t there with them!


Toybob cat

Toybob is a naturally small cat breed with a bobbed tail as the name says “Toy” plus “Bob.” 

Their long coat on the small body gives them a charming look! They are entertaining cats who make a cuddly companion for any family, a family with kids, or a dog, or for a single senior citizen. 

They aren’t high-energy cats like others on the list, but still, they like to play, and you can often see them on the top of the bookshelf for a better view of the room. Their long coat is low maintenance, which is good if you don’t have time to brush them daily. 


Nebelung cat Long Haired Cats That Stay Small

Nebelung Cats are typically known as the long-haired variety of beautiful Russian Blue cats. Because of their long blue-gray coat, these cats look really stunning. They are shy and quite rare cats who aren’t too social, which means you can easily leave them alone for 2 to 3 hours a day but not more than that. 

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They love their owner’s attention and hate being ignored. 

If they don’t get the attention that they want, they might become tense. Nebelung hates if there is any change in their environment, particularly things that they use daily. 


Lambkin cat Long Haired Cats That Stay Small

Lambkin is another long-haired cat that has a curly coat, and its long curly coat can be of any color and pattern. If you always wanted a cat but didn’t know which breed is the best for you, go with Lambkin because they make great cats for first-time owners.

They are easy-going cats who love human companionship and make a really good bond with them. They aren’t high energetic cats, but don’t get fooled — they do have a playful side as well if you’re ready to play with them. 

Their short legs have a willingness to climb any height you’d never suspect.

Oriental Longhair

Oriental Longhair cat

Only think of this breed if your place has enough company for them because these cats are very talkative. They are friendly and loving cats who always try to be the center of attraction of the home, which most of the time they definitely are!

There is no other cat on the list than this that comes in hundreds of different colors and patterns, even in a solid long black coat, which means something for everyone. 

They’re active, smart, and social cats who follow their owners’ every move just to see what you are up to. These cats require a human or four-legged friend when you’re out for work.


Kinkalow cat Long Haired Cats That Stay Small

Kinkalow is a gorgeous small long-haired breed, and the thing which makes this breed beautiful is their parents because they are a crossbreed of two stunning cats Munchkin and American Curl. They are social and friendly, which makes them suitable cats for a family with younger children and pets. 

They are intelligent, energetic, and playful cats who like to play with toys, especially with mental stimulation toys, and love spending quality time with their owners. 

These cats have a risk of spinal injuries, so taking them to the veterinarian for routine checkups is a great idea.