How To Get Vomit Smell Off Of Dogs? 7 Helpful Tips (Explained)

How To Get Vomit Smell Off Of Dogs

As a dog owner, you’ll be wondering how to naturally get rid of that stinky vomit smell from the dog.

Since eliminating the vomit smell from the dogs can be a stinky job to do, especially if they smell more like feces!

Just relax as there are some easy methods that you can use to keep your furry friend free from vomit smells!

But before you go through those methods, you have to know why dogs smell so bad after throwing up? Because it’s better to understand the cause rather than taking any action first.

So, hang with us for a moment as we go over what you need to know about How To Get Vomit Smell Off Of Dogs (EASILY). Plus, there are other things to consider as well.

Why Does Dog Smell After Vomiting?

It happens in dogs for four reasons, including Intestinal Obstruction, Parvovirus, Intestinal Bleeding & Ulcers, and When the dog consumed Stool or Something Foul. These are the leading cause behind when dogs smell so terrible after throwing up.

If your furry friend is not fully vaccinated against Parvovirus and having extreme foul-smelling vomit or has blood in his vomit, or (foreign objects) trapped in the digestive tract of your dog.

These are the main-cause of Intestinal Obstruction, Parvovirus, Intestinal Bleeding & Ulcers, so if you see any of these symptoms in your dog, it is an alarming sign for you!

If the dog has Intestinal Obstruction, it requires immediate hospitalization for life-saving surgery to remove the blockage.

In most cases of Parvovirus symptoms, dogs die without immediate medical care. The best chance at beating parvovirus involves immediate hospitalization and supportive treatment, as well as early detection of the virus.

And Intestinal Bleeding & Ulcers can cause damage to the digestive tract of the dog! So if you see your dog have blood in his vomit, it is crucial to contact your vet immediately or take him to the hospital.

These symptoms can be fatal if left untreated that’s why almost every veterinarian suggests taking your dog to the nearest hospital is essential.

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However, when dogs consume Stool or something Foul, there are 99% chances that the dog will vomit in the hours after eating it, as these things are full of bacterias that cause vomit within hours!

It will also cause harm, plus the foul smell of vomit stays in the dog’s mouth for hours, maybe for days, so do take your dog to the veterinarian if needed.

Why Dog Vomit Smells Like Dead Animal 

As we already mentioned above, four main factors make the dog’s vomit smell like feces! So, what causes the dog vomit to smell like dead?

Two common reasons cause the vomit to smell like death, including when dogs consume other animal’s feces (like cats feces), and at the same time, the dog has intestinal obstructions. When both conditions happen simultaneously, it makes the bacteria grow in a high amount that causes a dead animal smell in the dog’s vomit.

As well as how strong the vomit smell is, it also depends on how long the dog has had the intestinal obstruction because vomit getting more foul as time goes on!

And on the other hand, when a dog’s vomit smells dead, it also appears brown, which indicates that the dog’s vomit also carries a small amount of blood that sometimes appears brown in the vomit.

If the blood appears in the vomit, the reason can be Intestinal Bleeding & Ulcers that requires prompt veterinary attention.

Take A Note Here: Rather than nursing the dog on your own, you better take them to the hospital — I know hospital bills cost a lot, but still, it’s better to take veterinarian care than sorry!

Why Dog Vomit Smells Sweet

There are two possibilities when a dog vomit smells sweet first is when a dog consumes something rich, which his abdomen can’t handle. And the second could diabetes because, during diabetes, the dog’s breath starts smelling sweeter, which also causes the vomit to begin to take on a sweet and light acidic smell.

If your dog hasn’t eaten or drank anything sweeter for hours before throwing up, then there could be more chances for your dog to have diabetes.

Some common symptoms indicate that the dog has diabetes, such as when a dog starts drinking more water than they usually do, also excessively urinating shortly after drinking too much water!

If the dog shows both of these signs, it’s time to contact your veterinarian immediately because the earlier this condition is diagnosed and managed, the better for the dog.

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If you’re guessing you have a puppy, so diabetes can’t affect them, then you are totally wrong here because diabetes can affect any breed of dog, at any age and sex. 

Plus, some dog breeds are also more likely to have diabetes, particularly Beagles, Terriers, and Samoyeds, so be aware if you have any of these dog breeds. Just take veterinarian care as soon as you can.

How To Remove Vomit Smell From Dog Mouth

How To Remove Vomit Smell From Dog Mouth

There are Natural Remedies as well as Artificial Products & care available that helps in keeping the dog’s mouth free from foul vomit smell. But!

Baking soda is one of the best and natural ways to neutralize the foul vomit smell from the dog’s mouth. Just add a pretty small amount of baking soda (a pinch) and dog toothpaste to the toothbrush and rub the dog’s teeth gently and clean the mouth. 

(Note: keep the baking soda away from the dog’s eye, as it causes mild to moderate irritation)

However, natural methods to remove the vomit smell from the dog’s mouth work pretty well, but sometimes it takes hours and even a day or two; to effectively eliminate the vomit smell. 

So be patient when you go with natural remedies over artificial products & cares, as it takes time.

7 Natural Remedies: To Remove Vomit Smell From Dog Mouth

1. Brush the teeth with a little bit of baking soda, and with a soft cloth, gently wipe the folds around the lips and mouth.

2. Add a small amount of lemon juice to the dog’s water bowl. Do not squeeze too much lemon because the dog will not drink that.

3. Add some Peppermint to the water bowl.  

4. Add a little bit of Cinnamon powder to your dog’s food.

5. Give your dog some yogurt twice a day.

6. Add some Wheatgrass and Parsley to your dog’s food because it has chlorophyll that helps to neutralize the foul vomit smell.

7. Add a teaspoonful of coconut oil to the dog’s food or Brush the dog’s teeth with coconut oil.

7 Artificial Products & Care: To Remove Vomit Smell From Dog Mouth

1. Give your dog dental sticks that taste like toothpaste or any other flavor.

2. Let the veterinarian perform an oral exam.

3. Give your dog something that contains Chlorhexidine.

4. Add Breath Fresheners additive to the dog’s water bowl.

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5. Give your dog some specialized dental teeth treats.

6. Give your dog a chew stick toothbrush.

7. Brush dog teeth with veterinary oral health council-approved toothpaste daily.

How To Get Vomit Smell Out Of Dog Fur

First, you have to be sure about the smell, which means where the vomit smell is actually coming from because most of the time, it comes from the dog’s mouth.

Whenever we get close to our four-legged friends, his fur smells so awful. But in reality, the smell is coming from his mouth. So, in case you are pretty sure that the odor is coming from his hairs. 

Use baking soda because baking soda has an odor-neutralizing property; sprinkle it on the dog’s fur and rub deeply in the coat for 5 to 10 minutes and then let baking soda rest on the dog’s hair for the other 5 minutes and then brush it out. It works pretty well for removing the vomit smell and any additional odor from the dog’s fur and hair. 

And always keep the baking soda out of the reach of the nose, ears, eyes, as it causes mild irritation to your furry friend.

However, baking soda only helps to neutralize the odor; it doesn’t leave any fragrance in the dog’s fur.

So, to keep the dog’s fur smell nice, use dry shampoo, which you can easily buy from anywhere, or you can also make your own at home with the help of baking soda. 

Here’s how to make dry dog shampoo at home within 5 minutes with some regular kitchen items that are effortlessly available in everyone’s kitchen.


No matter if your dog’s vomiting smells foul or worse or has a weird color as well, the first action should always be a call to your veterinary experts because sometimes little vomit can cause fatal issues.

Call your veterinarian and tell each detail about the dog’s situation. And see what they suggest for your furry friend. If it is nothing to worry about, they will recommend home treatment.

And if you don’t want to see your dog with a sick face, keep them on a balanced diet, which means fewer junk treats and more healthy food.

Plus, Make sure your four-legged friends spend between one hour to two hours being active every day for healthy sleep.