Do Dogs Need Quiet To Sleep? 5 Helpful Facts (Examples)

Do Dogs Need Quiet To Sleep

As a dog owner, you’ll be wondering, do my furry friend needs a quiet place to sleep or not! If yes, then how noisy is too noisy for him. Here’s everything you need to know.

Do Dogs Need Quiet To Sleep?
It’s complicated to say because some dogs prefer a quiet place to sleep, and some don’t even care about noise unless it is too loud or irritating for them. But dogs are full of energy — that burns out quickly, which is why veterinarians believed letting your dog have a peaceful sleep is better for their health.

There are a lot of interesting facts to mention when we’re talking about dogs’ sleep. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Can Dogs Sleep Through The Noise?

Yes, they can easily sleep in noise unless the dog is older, ill, or the outside noise is way louder than they can handle, as dogs are frightened by loud popping noises, such as fireworks, gunfire, or balloons bursting. 

Because certain loud noises terrify them so poorly; as well as, these popping noises are more likely to develop hearing loss in them, especially in older dogs!

However, if you are still worried about your dog that he would wake up if you play video games or watch TV or a movie at loud volumes. Just relax: they wouldn’t wake up!

Maybe some do, but 95% wouldn’t, as if noise is routine and not appealing to the dog, the dog won’t necessarily see a reason to get up.

Here is why? Humans when asleep, their brain filters the information it receives, and it ignores things it deems not necessary. Even dogs have the same ability — they also do this all of the time. 

Here are quick examples: noises like the air conditioning, the ice maker in the fridge, the house settling, rain, and thunder, dogs sleep through all of these noises comfortably. 

Plus, if dogs have company over, they know someone is moving in the house and closing doors, watching TV, and making other noises while they sleep, so they know there is nothing to react on, so they sleep through it without getting up. 

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But on the other hand, if they had no one over and they heard a front door knocking or some unusual sounds in the home, they’d be up like a shot.

So take a chill pill because dogs don’t respond to daily routine sounds like music, tv, appliances, etc.

Are Loud Noises Bad For Dogs?

Generally speaking, YES, loud noises are too bad for dogs’ ears, especially to their very sensitive inner part of the ear that easily damages which causes loss of hearing. And it can happen at any age, whether the dog is an adult or puppy.

Some dog owners think that loud noise wouldn’t affect their furry friend because he didn’t run away from it (yes, some dog owners are that stupid). So let me clear your doubt here!

A recent study shows that dogs may not move away from loud noise because their humans’ are around them, and they do not want to leave their company. 

Dogs will not show discomfort in intense situations because they do not want to get away from your attention, and that’s a universal truth!

But, experts say those sharp, sudden, loud & repetitive sounds like the bursting of crackers, gunshots do send dogs in panic mode. And I know that it happens! And, how I know about that?

Because I’ve 8-dogs, and I’ve seen them so afraid of such sounds that they run under the bed, behind the closet & keep whining, never ready to come out. 

That’s why I avoid as hard as I can, to not make any loud noise inside the house that harms my furry friends’ ears. Because without hearing power, life can be so unfortunate for them.

And, if you live near a noisy environment (especially around noisy neighbors), try to use white noise machines for your dog, as these machines help a lot!

Can Dogs Sleep With White Noise?

Can Dogs Sleep With White Noise

Yes, they can, because white noise such as fans, ocean waves, crickets chirping__all those are quiet, rhythmic noises that can drown out more distracting noise, such as a loud party, or fireworks, help relaxation and promote dogs sleep.

These quiet yet steady white noises of a fan, or ocean waves, are very relaxing to most dogs for better sleep, as getting a peaceful night time’s sleep is crucial to precise health for dogs.

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Somehow, if the white noise is annoying for your doggo, they’ll probably do some signs like growling, barking, or even shake themselves — if they do any of these signs, it’s time to change the noise. 

Try to change the sound to ocean waves, as it is one of the best and calming white noises that help an anxious dog sleep better! 

Plus, if the white noise your canine hears doesn’t bother them, there are 100% chances that they’ll probably sit back down and sleep.

Quick Tip
Sudden, louder noises can startle dogs and trigger a stress response, which isn’t safe for dogs, as an increase in stress can cause heart failure! So a white noise machine might be an excellent option for dogs if you have pretty noisy neighbors. 

Is White Noise Good For Puppies?   

Yes, white noise is noble for puppies because puppies have more delicate ears than adult dogs. And that’s why puppies get scared the most by loud noises. So white noise is pretty effective for them, especially when they are home alone.

Most of the time, puppies feel very lonely, anxious, and even feel scared adjusting to a new home during the owner’s absence. And that’s where a sudden loud noise can make them more afraid than ever.

If they get too scared, they will start crying and barking, plus they’ll not get their proper sleep as well. However, puppies need as many as twenty hours of healthy sleep per day.

So white noise is a great idea to help your puppy sleep soundly through the twenty hours of the day.

Can Dogs Sleep With Loud Music

If the music is repetitive, rhythmic, and has low bass, dogs can easily sleep through that kind of music. But if the song has a louder pitch and raucous or coarse, it can be a problem, as high pitch music can easily damage dogs’ ears from the inside. 

Most dogs love hearing soft music, as these songs have the power to keep them out of separation anxiety. So try to play those music tones in your system whenever you leave your four-legged friends alone!

Because dogs are pack animals, and leaving rhythmic and mild music around them can make them feel like they are not alone, it is better for dogs, especially if the doggo has separation anxiety!

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There has been a study done into the musical preferences of dogs at the University of Glasgow in Scotland showed that soft music overall had a calming effect on the dogs.

Plus, soft music helps a lot in modifying the behavior of dogs while decreasing the level of anxiety and aggression in them — compared to louder pitch music, as such music makes them more anxious if the dog has never been around the loud noises before.

Can Dogs Sleep With The TV On

Possibly they can, but make sure the TV volume should be in low ranges and only pick a channel that-similar to the sounds that would be heard when you are home, rather than selecting some level of sudden popping noises like gunshots.

When the TV turns on in the right way meaning with low volume and no popping sounds, it can give your pet some company and helps them remember that you love them even when you’re not physically there.

Sometimes it depends entirely on dogs because some are fine sitting at home alone with no noise or distractions and will mostly sleep.

However, some dogs are bred to be companionable to people, and some will suffer some degree of separation distress or anxiety or sound reactivity to outdoor noises. 

In these cases, a TV show with low volume is a great idea. 

Plus, radio is another excellent option here — leave a talk radio station on when you leave; it makes your furry friend feel like someone is still there with them.


No matter what you choose to keep your four-legged friends get good sound sleep, you will be sure you always keep the volume low, whether you use TV, sound systems, white noise machines, or radio.

Most of these products are willing to work pretty nicely if you correctly use them — whenever you leave your dog alone for a while.

Leaving the TV or radio on is a good idea since human voices calm dogs.

Just be safe here, not leave the TV on the national geographic or animal planet type of channels or any other show that shows other animals.

Because it’s safe for dogs, but not for your TV!