Akita As A Guard Dog: What’s Good And What’s Bad About ‘Em

If you opt to adopt a guard dog and think about Akita, then there are certain things that you have to know.

Akita As A Guard Dog?
Akita’s can make excellent guard dogs as they are large, intelligent, dignified, alert, courageous, and profoundly loyal to those they love. But they can harm more than good if in the wrong hands because they are aggressive, independent, and wary of outsiders and other pets.

Well, this is a pretty short answer to define this breed! 

Here are some facts that you should know about them before you bring one!

Are Akita Protective Dogs?

Akita Guard Dog

Yes, Akita’s are a naturally protective and fearless breed that can do whatever it takes to keep their loved ones safe. They are faithful, lifelong pets that do not mind being on your side all the time to keep you safe. 

Like most other breeds, they were also typically bred as hunting and guarding dogs. But despite their hunting skills, they were often used as guard dogs to protect royals in the feudal japan period. 

With bravery in the genes, they can block down all the threats before it reaches you. They are kinda dogs that mostly stay quiet when at home and only bark for a good reason, so do take their bark seriously!

Which Akita Is More Protective To Keep As A Guard Dog

There are namely two different varieties of Akita: such as modern Akita, which is known as (American Akita), and Akita Inu, which is known as (Japanese Akita). 

Both varieties of Akita have the same lineage, with a little bit different in their nature and appearance. But American Akita are more protective because they were bred as large guarding and working dogs, while Japanese Akita can be a good family companion. 

Let’s take a closer look at both breeds!

American Akita

  • The American Akita is known for its dignified, highly protective, courageous, profoundly loyal temperaments that every guard dog should have! 
  • American Akita can grow up to 24 to 28 inches in height at shoulder blades, while they can weigh between 70 to -130 pounds. 
  • They are highly energetic and eager to please. 
  • Their head is more broad and massive and has a muscular body when compared with Japanese Akita. The hallmark of the American Akita is that they have erect ears and dark, shining eyes. 
  • And when we talk about colors, American Akita has more variants than Japanese Akita. 
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Japanese Akita Inu

Akita Inu
  • The Japanese Akita Inu is an alert, reserved, and loyal family companion, not a great guard dog as American Akita (but yes, they do have all the guarding instinct). 
  • But they also have independent and stubborn characters, which they sometimes show to their owners. 
  • They are quite smaller in size than American Akita, about 22 to 25 inches in height with weight around 55 to 75 pounds only. 
  • Japanese Akita’s small and slimmer body appearance makes them look like a fox, especially their face. 
  • They only come in a few colors typically, white, brindle, sesame, and red fawn. 

Are Female Akita Good Guard Dogs? (Or Male Akita)

Both male and female Akita do well as a guard dog, so it’s totally up to you which best suits your lifestyle and place! 

Let’s take an example here:

If you live alone in an apartment, then female Akita will be a great choice for you! Because female Akitas are less likely to bond with other family members except for their master and make a good protector for individuals and small places. Plus, they also don’t mind being left alone at home for hours. 

They are also more suspicious of strangers, which is good if you leave her alone because they’ll not let any intruder enter your home in your absence. 

On the other hand, male Akitas are more family-oriented dogs. They make a great bond with all family members equally and are very protective of them. Male Akitas are not highly suspicious of strangers, which means they don’t show aggression to guests as long as their owners are there. 

However, they don’t tolerate same-sex dogs and other pets in the household unless there were raised together. If you have a large property to guard, then male Akitas are the most suitable choice for you because they profoundly excel at protecting everything. 

Are Akita Good Breed For First-Time Owners

Absolutely not, they aren’t the best choice for first-time owners, and almost all dog trainers and experts will tell you the same. Akita’s are a highly independent breed, and their complex personality makes them so hard to train, even from a puppy year.

They are hyper, stubborn, and can show aggression during feeding times, which isn’t easy for any new dog owner to handle in the right way. 

Akita’s have a pretty high dominant nature when it comes to other dogs that’s why Akita should be a one-dog household. And as they are dominant by nature, it is advised not to take Akita to the dog park if it is not well socialized. 

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So if you really want a guard dog and never had one before, then go with some of these breeds (Guard Dog). Because these dogs are best for first-time owners as they do well with kids, other pets & dogs and are very loyal and protective of their families.

Do Akita Need Guard Dog Training?

The short and simple answer is NO,’ they don’t require any types of guard dog training at all! Akita is pure natural guardians who know their work very well, whether it’s about the protection of their family members and home. Akitas are lifelong guardians who won’t let you down in any situation.

Their natural intelligence and guarding traits are unerasable, which is the greatest thing about this breed. But Yes,’ they do require socializing training from an early age to keep other pets, dogs, kids, and guests safe. 

Over Socialized 

Most people think that over-socializing an Akita is wrong for their natural guarding instincts, which is not true because Akita’s are very loyal and devoted to their owners. So, it doesn’t matter if their owners frequently expose them to strangers; Akita still has all the guarding instincts present in them.

However, just keeping a close eye on strangers means don’t let strangers give treats to your Akita. 

If strangers offer treats too often to your dog, your dog might think that strangers are a good source of free treats, which will make him more friendly toward strangers – which isn’t something great if you want to keep Akita as a guard dog! 

Is Akita banned? And Where?

Yes,’ Akita is banned in several states across the US as well as in other countries. In the United States, Akitas are banned in Washington, Michigan, Iowa, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

And they are also banned in other countries like Bermuda Islands, Singapore, Spain, Ireland, and Ukraine. 

Why Is Akita Banned? 

There are several reasons why Akita is banned in some states and countries. The most common reason for this beautiful breed to be banned is because of its aggression toward strangers and unpredictable nature. 

In some states and countries like Spain and Ireland, Akitas are not typically banned. But there are certain restrictions for keeping an Akita as per these country and state laws. 

Comparison With Other Breeds

People often make comparisons between Akita and some other large breeds like German Shepherd, Bullmastiff, and Rottweiler to determine who does a great job as a guard dog. 

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Here is a quick comparison between these breeds to get an idea of which one you should pick.

Akita Or A German Shepherd

If you need a trustworthy, gentle, and intelligent guard dog that stays calm and friendly with kids and other household pets that keeps your home and family member safe, then a German Shepherd is the best choice to go with! 

They are easier to train and are not extremely suspicious to strangers as Akitas are. German Shepherds do well with strangers in public places and are friendly with other dogs in the dog park. Plus, GSDs are good guard dogs for first-time owners. 

Usually, there is no comparison with GSDs because GSDs are excellent guard dogs for all.

Akita Or A Bullmastiff 

Bullmastiffs are playful, quiet, loyal, trustworthy, excellent family companions, and fearless guardians. If you’re looking for a guard dog with good adaptability, consider a Bullmastiff because they can easily live in a condo or apartment. 

Bullmastiffs are very intelligent; they know when to act on unwelcome visitors, not like Akita, who is always suspicious of strangers. Bullmastiffs mostly don’t react as their muscular body and broadhead are enough to keep intruders away from their family and home.  

There is no comparison of Akita or Bullmastiff in terms of “Friendliness” because bullmastiffs are extremely friendly and show marvelous patience with kids and other dogs. 

Akita Or A Rottweiler 

Akita and Rottweiler are both muscular and same size breeds with different personalities. For example, Akita’s aren’t good at bonding with other family members except for owners, while Rotties quickly make a bond with others in their owner’s presence.  

Rotties are gentle playmates as compared with Akita. Both Akita’s and Rottie’s have a silly side that they share with their loved ones. However, both breeds are not well suited to first-time dog owners and require early socialization, but both breeds can be great guardians! 

Can Akita Be Police Dogs?

Yes,’ they served as a police dog, particularly used by the Japanese police force. But in other countries like the United States, they are mostly used as guard dogs and family companions. And the reason why other countries are not using them as police dogs is that they are stubborn and quite hard to train.

And most police forces use a dog that matures very early as well as easier to train like german shepherds. Police usually need dogs that start to serve for police works at an early age so that police can use them for 7 to 8 years, depending on the breed.