When Do Yorkie Ears Stand Up? Your Guide to Those Adorable Ears

Most Yorkshire Terriers’ ears will stand up between 3 and 6 months of age. However, some Yorkies may be “late bloomers” and their ears won’t perk up until around 9 months old. In rare cases, a Yorkie’s ears may remain floppy, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them!

Yorkie Ears: A Journey from Floppy to Perky

Yorkshire Terriers are famous for their silky coats and those adorable, upright ears. But did you know that Yorkie puppies are actually born with floppy ears? Here’s a look at what you can expect during their ear development journey:

  • Newborn to 3 Months: Your Yorkie puppy’s ears will be soft and down against their head. This is due to underdeveloped ear muscles.
  • 3 to 6 Months: The magic starts! Cartilage in the ears strengthens, and most Yorkies experience their ears gradually standing up. One ear might perk up first – don’t worry, the other one usually follows soon after!
  • 6 to 9 Months: If your Yorkie hasn’t had their ears stand fully by now, they might be a “late bloomer.” Keep an eye out for signs of progress over the next few months.
  • Beyond 9 Months: While uncommon, some Yorkies may have permanently floppy ears. This could be due to genetics or ear size, but it’s a purely cosmetic difference.
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Factors That Can Influence Ear Standing

  • Teething: The teething phase (around 4 months old) can cause a temporary softening of the ears. Don’t panic – things generally return to normal after teething ends.
  • Genetics: Some Yorkies naturally have floppier ears than others.
  • Ear Size and Thickness: Larger or thicker ears may take longer to stand fully upright.

When to Consider Taping

If your Yorkie’s ears show no sign of standing by 6 months, and it’s something you’d like for them, talk to your veterinarian. They can assess whether taping is appropriate and teach you how to do it safely.

The Importance of Socialization

Proper socialization helps build a Yorkie puppy’s confidence. A well-socialized and happy Yorkie is more likely to hold its ears perky and alert. Stressed or anxious dogs may display flattened ears, so positive experiences are key!

Nutrition for Ear Health

When Do Yorkie Ears Stand Up
Image Credit: Olena Ruban/gettyimages

A well-balanced diet with quality protein sources gives your Yorkie the building blocks for strong cartilage development, including in the ears. Talk to your vet about whether calcium supplements might be beneficial.

Ear Cleaning and Massage

Regular ear cleaning is important (your vet can show you how). Additionally, a gentle massage at the base of the ears can improve circulation and potentially help ears stand.

Myths About Yorkie Ears

  • “Taping is always necessary.” Not true! Most Yorkies develop upright ears naturally.
  • “A Yorkie with floppy ears is less healthy.” Absolutely not! Floppy ears don’t indicate any health problems.
  • “Trimming ear hair makes ears stand up.” No, hair weight isn’t usually a factor.
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Show Ring Expectations

The American Kennel Club breed standard calls for erect, V-shaped ears. If you’re interested in showing your Yorkie, it’s good to be aware of this.

Floppy or Upright – Your Yorkie is Adorable Either Way!

It’s important to remember that Yorkies are unique individuals. Whether your pup ends up with upright ears or stays adorably floppy, they’re perfect just the way they are!


Yorkie ear development is a fascinating process! While most Yorkies will have those classic upright ears within a few months, it’s okay if your pup takes their time. And, remember, those floppy ears are just as charming!

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Frequently Asked Question

My Yorkie’s ears stood up but now they’re floppy again. What’s going on?
Illness, stress, or injury can temporarily affect ear strength. Monitor your pup and contact your vet if you’re concerned.

Does having floppy ears mean my Yorkie isn’t purebred?
No! Some purebred Yorkies have naturally floppy ears.

Is it normal for one ear to stand up before the other?
Absolutely! This is very common and the other ear typically catches up quickly.

Do all Yorkie ears stand up?
Most Yorkies will have upright ears, but some individuals have naturally floppy ears, which is totally fine.

Why does my Yorkie have one ear up and one down?
This is likely a temporary stage as your Yorkie’s ears develop. If one ear doesn’t perk up soon, consult your vet.

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How do you train a Yorkie’s ears to stand up?
Ear taping can be considered in some cases, but always consult your vet for safe and proper methods.

Can I massage my Yorkie’s ears to help them stand?
Yes, gentle massage at the ear base can improve circulation and potentially support cartilage development.

Are floppy-eared Yorkies less healthy?
Nope! Floppy ears are purely a cosmetic difference and don’t indicate any health issues.

Can teething affect Yorkie ear development?
Yes, the teething process can cause a temporary softening of ear cartilage.

Does diet play a role in Yorkie ear health?
A balanced diet supports overall health, including strong cartilage development in the ears.

My Yorkie’s ears are folded, not floppy. Is this normal?
Folded ears can indicate a potential cartilage issue. Talk to your veterinarian for assessment.