Mini Poodle Dachshund Mix: Is Doxiepoo Good For You?

A Mini Poodle Dachshund mix, affectionately called a Doxiepoo, is a delightful designer dog that blends the intelligence of a Miniature Poodle with the spirited personality of a Dachshund. These pups are small but mighty, packed with playful energy and an abundance of love for their families.

Appearance: A Cute Combination

The Doxiepoo’s appearance depends entirely on its parents! Some pups lean towards the Poodle’s fluffy curls, while others sport the Dachshund’s shorter, smooth coat. Their size varies too, with most falling in the 8-20 pound range. You’ll find them in all sorts of colors, including solid black, warm brown, creamy white, apricot shades, and even adorable mixes.

Temperament: Fun-loving with a Dash of Sass

Don’t let their size fool you, Doxiepoos have huge personalities. They are playful bundles of energy, full of affection, and sometimes a sprinkle of stubbornness. Starting socialization and training early on helps these pups become the best version of themselves. Doxiepoos love being the center of attention and bond deeply with their humans.

Exercise and Training: Smart Cookies with Energy to Burn

These little pups may be small, but they need regular walks, playtime, and brain-boosting activities to stay satisfied. Their intelligence makes them quick learners with positive reinforcement training, but their occasional independent streak might require some extra patience on your part.

Health: Staying Aware & Proactive

Mini Poodle Dachshund Mix
Image Credit: makotomo/istockphoto

As with any breed, mixed or purebred, Doxiepoos may have certain health predispositions from their Poodle and Dachshund ancestry. It’s essential to be aware of these potential conditions:

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Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD): Their Dachshund heritage means it’s crucial to protect their backs. Avoid activities with high impact on their spine, and manage their weight.

Hip Dysplasia: This joint problem can affect Doxiepoos. It’s important to exercise them appropriately and keep them lean.

Eye Problems: Some eye issues can occur. Responsible breeders screen breeding dogs to minimize the risk of passing these concerns on.

Choosing a breeder who emphasizes health testing is vital. Regular checkups and a healthy lifestyle for your Doxiepoo are also key for their long-term well-being.

Grooming: Coat-Dependent Needs

Doxiepoo grooming needs vary depending on their coat type. Poodle-like coats require regular brushing and clipping to prevent matting. Shorter, Dachshund-like coats need less frequent brushing. All Doxiepoos benefit from regular nail trims and dental care.

Should You Get a Doxiepoo?

Doxiepoos make fantastic companions for the right people. Consider these factors:

  • Activity Level: They need consistent exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Living Space: Adaptable to apartments but be mindful of potential barking.
  • Children and Other Pets: Can do well with proper socialization but may be better suited to older children due to their small size.

Finding a Reputable Doxiepoo Breeder

Choosing a responsible breeder is crucial for a healthy and well-adjusted Doxiepoo. Look for breeders who:

  • Prioritize health testing
  • Socialize puppies early on
  • Are transparent about their breeding practices

The Joy of the Doxiepoo

Mini Poodle Dachshund Mix
Image Credit: makotomo/istockphoto

If you’re looking for a small dog with a giant personality, the Doxiepoo could be your perfect match. With love, training, and proper care, these delightful pups bring endless laughter and companionship to their families.

Real-Life Doxiepoo Stories

“Max, our Doxiepoo, is a ball of energy! He loves chasing squirrels in the backyard and cuddling on the couch in the evenings. He’s incredibly smart and learned most of his commands within a few weeks. We can’t imagine our lives without him!” – Sarah B., Doxiepoo Owner

“Our Doxiepoo, Luna, may be small but she has a big personality. She loves going for walks and always greets us at the door with a wagging tail. She’s surprisingly good at agility and loves learning new tricks. We find the shorter Dachshund coat much easier to manage than a curly Poodle coat, but regular brushing is still important.” – David C., Doxiepoo Owner

Suitable Activities for Doxiepoos

Don’t underestimate these little dogs – they’re surprisingly adaptable! Here are some activities they might excel at:

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Daily Walks and Playtime: A cornerstone for their physical and mental health.

Agility Training: Their intelligence and athleticism make agility a fun challenge, providing great exercise and mental focus.

Puzzle Toys: Keep their clever minds sharp with interactive puzzle toys that reward problem-solving with treats.

Common Misconceptions

All Doxiepoos are hyperactive: While they have bursts of energy, many also cuddle and nap happily. Consistent exercise provides an outlet for their energy.

Doxiepoos are automatically yappy: Training and good habits can minimize excessive barking.

Dachshund back problems are guaranteed: Responsible breeding and good care (avoiding jumping from high places) can significantly minimize these risks.


Doxiepoos are a fantastic choice for those seeking a playful, loyal, and conveniently portable companion. Their unique blend of traits creates a truly special dog that will bring years of joy. With proper care and lots of love, these pups become cherished family members.

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Frequently Asked Question

Are Doxiepoos hypoallergenic?
While some may have lower-shedding coats, they are not truly hypoallergenic. Allergies can still be triggered by dander and saliva.

How long do Doxiepoos live?
Typically, 10-15 years with good care.

Are Doxiepoos good for first-time dog owners?
They can be a good choice for dedicated owners willing to learn about their specific needs, including potential stubbornness during training.

Do Doxiepoos shed a lot?
Their shedding depends on their coat type. Poodle-like coats generally shed less but require more maintenance.

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Are Doxiepoos good with kids?
With proper socialization, they can be playful companions for older children. Their small size makes them more vulnerable to accidental roughhousing by younger children.

Are Doxiepoos good apartment dogs?
Yes, their size makes them adaptable to apartments. However, it’s important to be aware of their potential for barking and provide adequate exercise.

What is the difference between a standard and mini Doxiepoo?
This depends on the Poodle parent. A standard Poodle mix will be larger (usually 20+ pounds), while a mini Poodle mix remains smaller.

How much do Doxiepoo puppies cost?
Prices vary based on breeder reputation, location, and coat color. Do your research and be prepared for ethical breeders to charge appropriately to ensure the health of their puppies.

Do Doxiepoos Have Separation Anxiety?
Doxiepoos form deep bonds with their families, and like many dogs, may become anxious when left alone for extended periods. Early training is key! Start with brief absences, gradually increasing duration as your pup gets comfortable. This helps build their confidence and prevents the development of separation anxiety.

What are some common behavioral problems in Doxiepoos?
Possible challenges include barking, digging (a Dachshund trait), and stubbornness. Early training and mental stimulation help prevent these.

Are Doxiepoos difficult to potty train?
They have average trainability; consistency and positive reinforcement are key for success.

Can Doxiepoos be left alone for long periods?
They do best with companionship. If left alone for extended periods, ensure sufficient mental and physical exercise beforehand and enrichment toys while you’re away.