Why Do Dogs Put Their Heads Under Furniture? Reasons

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably witnessed this adorable yet peculiar behavior – your furry companion sticking their head under furniture like sofas, beds, or tables. 

While it may seem like a random and harmless act, there’s more to it than meets the eye. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind why dogs put their heads under furniture and what it reveals about their instincts and behaviors. 

So, let’s delve into the fascinating world of canine psychology and decode this charming habit.

Seeking Shelter and Security

In the wild, dogs are den animals, and seeking shelter is deeply ingrained in their instincts. When a dog puts its head under furniture, it might be trying to create a cozy den-like environment where it feels safe and secure. 

This behavior is especially common in smaller dog breeds, as they may find comfort in small, confined spaces, similar to the burrows their ancestors used for protection.

Escaping Overstimulation

Dogs have a keen sense of hearing and smell, which can sometimes lead to sensory overload. 

When they become overwhelmed by loud noises, strong scents, or too much activity in their surroundings, they may seek refuge under furniture to escape the overstimulation. This behavior helps them find a peaceful spot where they can regroup and relax.

Curiosity and Exploration

Dogs are naturally curious creatures, and sticking their heads under furniture allows them to explore their surroundings in a unique way. 

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They might be attracted to interesting scents, hidden toys, or even insects that have found their way under the furniture. This behavior is particularly evident in puppies, as they are constantly discovering the world around them.

Cooling Down

Dogs can’t sweat like humans, and they rely on other methods to regulate their body temperature. By placing their heads under furniture, they might be trying to find a cooler and shaded spot during hot weather. This behavior helps them beat the heat and stay comfortable.

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Similar to how humans seek comfort when feeling anxious or stressed, dogs may resort to putting their heads under furniture as a way to alleviate their anxiety. 

This behavior is often seen during thunderstorms, fireworks, or other loud events that trigger fear responses in dogs.

Seeking Attention and Play

In some cases, dogs may tuck their heads under furniture as a playful gesture to get their owner’s attention. It can be seen as a form of invitation to play, and when their owners respond positively, the behavior may be reinforced.


The next time you catch your dog with their head under the furniture, remember that there’s more to this adorable habit than meets the eye. 

Whether it’s a manifestation of their wild instincts or a way to cope with anxiety, this behavior is a fascinating insight into the complex world of canine psychology. 

Understanding why dogs put their heads under furniture can strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion, allowing you to provide the right environment and care to meet their instinctual needs.