What Dog Has Best Recall? Here’s the List

In the world of dogs, one of the most crucial commands is recall. The ability for a dog to come when called not only enhances safety but also strengthens the bond between human and canine. But which dog breeds excel at recall? 

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the fascinating realm of dog breeds with the best recall abilities, exploring the factors that contribute to their success and offering valuable insights for dog owners seeking to improve their own dog’s recall skills.

The Importance of Recall

Picture this: you’re at a bustling park with your dog, enjoying a sunny day. Suddenly, your furry friend spots a squirrel and bolts away, ignoring your frantic calls. 

This scenario highlights the significance of recall training. A dog with impeccable recall is more likely to respond promptly to your call, regardless of distractions. It ensures a safer environment for your pet, prevents accidents, and establishes a foundation of trust between you and your dog.

Factors Affecting Recall

Breed Instincts: Certain dog breeds are genetically predisposed to have stronger recall skills due to their working history. Breeds like Border Collies and Golden Retrievers have been bred for herding and retrieving tasks, respectively, requiring them to respond quickly to commands from their handlers.

Socialization: Dogs that are well-socialized tend to have better recall. Exposure to various environments, people, and other dogs during their early development stages helps them remain calm and responsive in different situations.

Training Consistency: Consistency is key when it comes to recall training. Dogs thrive on routine and repetition. Regular training sessions that reinforce the recall command can result in a higher success rate.

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Positive Reinforcement: Positive reinforcement techniques, such as treats, praise, and play, can significantly enhance recall. Associating the recall command with positive experiences encourages dogs to respond eagerly.

Bond with the Owner: The emotional connection between a dog and its owner influences recall. Dogs that have a strong bond with their humans are more likely to want to be close and responsive.

Top Dog Breeds with Exceptional Recall

Border Collie: Renowned for their intelligence and herding abilities, Border Collies are often considered one of the best breeds for recall. Their eagerness to please and quick learning make them highly responsive to commands.

Labrador Retriever: As natural retrievers, Labradors have a strong desire to bring back objects to their owners. This natural inclination translates into an impressive recall ability.

Golden Retriever: With their friendly and obedient nature, Golden Retrievers excel in recall training. Their eagerness to interact with people and their strong bond with their owners contribute to their success.

Australian Shepherd: Bred for herding, Australian Shepherds are intelligent and agile dogs. Their willingness to work alongside humans and their innate herding instincts make them excellent candidates for recall training.

German Shepherd: Renowned for their versatility and intelligence, German Shepherds excel in various training aspects, including recall. Their loyalty and protective instincts also play a role in their responsiveness.

Effective Recall Training Techniques

Start Early: Begin recall training when your dog is still a puppy. Early exposure to commands and positive experiences establishes a strong foundation.

Use High-Value Rewards: Utilize treats or toys that your dog absolutely loves as rewards for responding to the recall command. This reinforces the association between the command and positive outcomes.

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Practice Regularly: Incorporate short training sessions into your daily routine. Consistent practice helps reinforce the recall behavior.

Progress Gradually: Start recall training in a controlled environment and gradually introduce distractions. This helps your dog build up their responsiveness in challenging situations.

Avoid Punishment: Never punish your dog for not responding to the recall command. Negative experiences can undermine the recall training process.

Maintaining a Strong Recall

Stay Engaged: Continue to engage with your dog throughout their life. Regular interaction and positive experiences foster a strong bond that encourages responsiveness.

Keep Training Fresh: Vary your training routine to prevent your dog from becoming complacent. New challenges keep them engaged and eager to respond.

Reinforce Positively: Even as your dog becomes proficient in recall, continue using positive reinforcement to keep the behavior strong and reliable.


In the world of dogs, recall is an invaluable command that underscores safety and strengthens the human-canine bond. While certain breeds might possess innate recall abilities due to their genetics and history, every dog can benefit from effective training techniques. 

By understanding the factors influencing recall, learning from the success of specific breeds, and implementing training strategies, dog owners can unlock the power of recall and enjoy a stronger, more harmonious relationship with their furry companions.