How to Achieve a Higher Face Level in Sleeping Dogs?

Sleeping Dogs, an action-adventure video game set in Hong Kong, offers players a thrilling open-world experience. In this game, players assume the role of Wei Shen, an undercover police officer who infiltrates the criminal underworld. 

One of the key gameplay mechanics in Sleeping Dogs is the Face system, which measures Wei Shen’s reputation and influence in the city. 

A higher Face level grants access to various perks and abilities, making it crucial for players to increase their Face rank. 

In this article, we will explore several effective strategies to help you achieve a higher Face level in Sleeping Dogs.

Engage in Side Missions and Activities

Sleeping Dogs is filled with a plethora of side missions and activities that contribute to the Face level progression. 

These include drug busts, street races, martial arts tournaments, and even performing favor missions for civilians. 

By actively participating in these events, players not only gain experience points but also increase their Face level. Take the time to explore the open world and seize every opportunity to engage in these activities.

Complete Police Cases

As an undercover police officer, Wei Shen has the responsibility of solving various criminal cases. 

Completing these police cases significantly boosts your Face level. These cases involve investigating crime scenes, interrogating suspects, and engaging in thrilling shootouts. 

Successfully solving these cases not only increases your reputation within the police force but also adds to your Face level, allowing you to unlock new abilities and perks.

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Master Martial Arts

Wei Shen’s combat skills play a crucial role in Sleeping Dogs, and improving his martial arts prowess directly impacts the Face level. 

As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new martial arts techniques from different trainers. 

Completing these training sessions and honing your combat abilities not only makes you a formidable opponent but also earns you respect in the streets. 

Engaging in fights and showcasing your skills against various adversaries will enhance your Face level.

Dress to Impress

In Sleeping Dogs, appearances matter. By wearing stylish outfits and accessories, you can increase your Face level. Visit clothing stores and tailor shops to enhance your wardrobe. 

Experiment with different outfits, including suits, casual wear, and traditional Chinese attire, to find a style that suits Wei Shen’s personality. 

Additionally, purchasing and wearing accessories like watches, sunglasses, and chains can further boost your Face level.

Maintain a Positive Reputation

Your actions in Sleeping Dogs have consequences. To increase your Face level, it’s essential to make choices that align with a positive reputation. Help civilians in need, prevent crimes, and act as a responsible member of the community. 

Refrain from engaging in unnecessary violence or criminal activities, as these actions can negatively impact your Face level. 

By maintaining a positive reputation, you’ll gain the trust of both law enforcement and the general public, ultimately increasing your Face level.

Utilize Social Networking

In Sleeping Dogs, Wei Shen has access to a social networking feature known as “Wei Shen’s Police Report.” 

Utilize this tool to enhance your Face level by taking pictures of interesting events, crime scenes, and exotic locations. 

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Sharing these pictures on Wei Shen’s social network can earn you likes and comments, ultimately boosting your reputation and Face level.


Elevating your Face level in Sleeping Dogs is not only essential for unlocking additional abilities and perks but also for immersing yourself fully in the game’s vibrant and immersive world. 

By actively participating in side missions and activities, completing police cases, mastering martial arts, dressing stylishly, maintaining a positive reputation, and utilizing social networking, you can significantly increase your Face level. 

Remember, in the world of Sleeping Dogs, reputation is everything, and the higher your Face level, the more influential Wei Shen becomes in the dangerous streets of Hong Kong.