Does Golden Retriever Need AC? What To Expect (+ 13 Other Facts)

Does Golden Retriever Need AC

People who own a Golden Retriever often wonder if their goldie needs AC when it’s hot, as they have a thick undercoat and long outer layer of hair. Here’s the answer!

Does Golden Retriever Need AC?
It often depends on where you live; if you live in tropical regions, you might need an AC for your golden retriever because these places have scorching summers. While in other regions, goldies can spend their entire life with just ceiling fans and enough fresh cool water to stay hydrated.

Plus, a home with marble flooring can be a charm in their life.

But this isn’t everything; there are some other facts as well about this beautiful breed that you should know.

Can Golden Retrievers Sleep In AC?

Absolutely Yes, Golden Retrievers love being in a cool place that means they can comfortably sleep in AC. But make sure not to keep them in the AC all the time as they can be easily spoiled. Because once they get spoiled, they will spend most of their time inside even if the outside temperature is not hot. 

So it’s only good to keep them in AC only when it’s time to sleep or when the outside temperature is too hot. “As too good is also bad!”

I have 8-dogs! And two of them are golden retrievers; one is pure (5-years-old Daisy), and another one is mixed (8-year-old Oscar). Both of them spend most of the time hugging the cold tile floor and under the ceiling fan.  

And the AC only turns on when it’s time to sleep means during small afternoons naps, and nighttime. 

This way, each of my dogs stays happy and healthy because good sound sleep is a must for everyone for healthy living, as it reduces levels of stress from the body. 

Is It Fine To Keep A Golden Retriever Puppy In AC?

Puppies can’t regulate their body temperature that well during the super hot summers. So Yes, keeping a puppy in the air conditioner probably helps them to stay cool. However, as they are puppies, make sure the AC temperature is not too cold for them because if it is too cold, it can easily make the golden retriever pup sick. 

Although, if the puppies spend most of their time near the AC unit during summer, there are 97% chances that they will be sucking its air too. 

So, in that case, make sure you always keep your air conditioner vents clean, and the filters are also changed occasionally so your puppy will stay safe from any kind of airborne diseases. 

And if you clean the AC filters, it will also protect your puppy from ear infections, as it is the most common problem in dogs. 

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That occurs due to the bacteria that easily get inside your puppy’s ear with dirty air. 

What Temperature Is Too Cold For A Golden Retriever?

Like most other dog breeds, golden retrievers can also tolerate temperature till 45°F. But if the temperature drops below 45°F, they might seek out shelter to keep themselves warm. According to the experts, temperature between 30-45°F is unsafe for dogs, except for some heavy coat breeds. 

The unsafe mean here is “Hypothermia,” as the low temperature can cause golden retrievers’ body temperature to fall, which can cause hypothermia which can be fatal in most cases.

And puppies and old golden retrievers suffer the most, so make sure you keep them warm when it’s needed.

Do Golden Retrievers Get Cold At Night?

It’s not only about Golden Retrievers; every dog gets cold at night because, at night, the sun no longer heats the place where you and your dog live. So if you don’t have a room heater in colder seasons, then yes, Golden Retrievers can easily get cold at night. 

Plus, if you live in cold places, avoid using an air conditioner at night during all seasons for your goldie, as she will be ok only with just a ceiling fan.

Each of my dogs takes their afternoon nap in the AC room without getting too cold; however, at midnight, most of them mostly went outside the AC’s room for sleep as they get super cold in that room due to their Short-Hair.

Fan or AC: What Is Best For Golden Retrievers

Both are great options to use according to your golden retriever’s needs. 

Well, most of the time, an electric fan is enough for several breeds, including golden retrievers. 

However, AC is a must when the temperature is scorching because spending 20-50 $ extra on the electric bill is not too much if the AC’s cool air makes your dog feel comfortable.

But not everyone has an air conditioner in their home, so in that case, you can give your goldie a shallow kids pool if the temperature is really hot. 

This little kindness helps your four-legged friend regulate their body temperature rapidly, even in the hottest month. 

Can Golden Retrievers Tolerate Hot Weather?

Can Golden Retriever tolerate hot weather

Yes, adult Golden Retrievers can easily tolerate hot weather without even a need of an air conditioner. But as an owner, you have to make sure that your dog gets the free excess of cool water not (cold) to stay hydrated. 

However, a puppy needs extra care as they can easily get sick if left in a hot temperature for too long. 

So whether you have a puppy or adult golden retriever, just keep a close eye on them during outside walks when the temperature is high. 

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As well as take fresh and cool water with you during walks, and occasionally pour little water on them to make them feel cool. 

On the other hand, it’s better not to keep the golden retriever puppy out for a walk during hot weather. If it’s necessary, then try to walk in shady areas. 

How Hot Is Too Hot For Golden Retrievers?

According to the experts, temperature above 85˚F is not safe for any dog, whether it is a golden retriever or any other breed, because temperature above 85˚F can cause life-threatening conditions, including heat stroke and sudden death. 

However, some dogs can easily paint out all the extra heat from their body even at the temperature of 90˚F if they have access to a shady place, water, and fresh air. 

But as a well-experienced dog owner, I would not recommend anybody to let their dog out for play and walks if the temperature is above 85˚F, as it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

Are 80 Degrees Too Hot For A Golden Retriever?

No, 80 degrees is not too hot for adult golden retrievers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hot; it’s hot but not too hot. Most of the time, Golden retrievers can easily regulate their body heat at 80 degrees temperature unless your goldie is sick or in his last days. 

While 80 degrees is still pretty hot for all puppies, whether the puppy is 8-weeks old or 4-months old, they can easily get overheated.

So make sure not to go out for a walk or in the dog park with your golden puppies when the temperature is 80 or above 69 degrees. 

Do Golden Retrievers Overheat Easily

Yes, Golden Retrievers are prone to overheating because of their double coat. Their outer hair is long and feather while the inner layer is thick. That’s why heat easily gets trapped in their inner coat and stays there, which makes them overheat more often than other breeds.

But that doesn’t mean that you can trim their coat!

If you trim down your goldies coat, it will increase the chances of sunburn, mosquito bites, dryness, skin irritation, plus their coat wouldn’t grow the same again.

So rather than comforting them, you’re actually just harming them more if you cut their hair.

Why Is My Golden Retriever So Hot?

The reason is simple, golden retrievers are pretty hot because they have a thick double coat which makes them warmer than other short-haired breeds. 

But their coat does not always make them hot. There are some other reasons as well in which golden retrievers get hot. 

After their thick coat, the second most common reason is their age; when the dog gets old, they get hot faster than young ones, even in the cool weather. 

Plus, when dogs get sick, they also seem hotter than usual, no matter whether the golden retriever is a puppy, young, or in his senior years. 

What Is The Normal Body Temperature Of A Golden Retriever?

According to the veterinarians and American Kennel Club (AKC), the normal body temperature of a golden retriever is between 101 to 102.5°F – (38.3 to 39.2°C). 

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As well, this is the normal body temperature of all dog breeds. 

Due to less knowledge of the dog’s normal body temperature between dog owners, most of them think their four-legged friend has a fever, which isn’t true at all!

But it is pretty easy to identify if a dog has a fever or not.

So, when the dog’s body temperature falls or rises, it indicates illness, which means the dog requires immediate veterinarian care.

This means that, if your goldie’s body temperature falls below 99°F (37.2°C) or rises above 104°F (40.0°C), it’s time to take them to the veterinarian. 

Why Does My Golden Retriever Breathe So Fast?

Why does my golden retriever breathe so fast

There are plenty of different reasons that make the golden retriever breathe fast.

The most common reason is hot weather; if you live in tropical regions, it’s no wonder if the goldies breathe rapidly.

However, if your dog has been living in hot weather for years and this is the first time when you notice he is breathing fast, then take it to the nearest vet clinic because, in many cases, fast breathing is the early sign of heatstroke. 

While some other common reasons for a golden retriever to breathe fast include too much exercise, sore muscles, excitement, injuries, and when the goldies are in some kind of stress. 

If your dog’s fast breathing seems abnormal to you, just take them to the vet rather than finding a cause on google. 

Why Is My Golden Retriever Always Panting?

It’s normal for golden retrievers to pant too much because they are just reducing the excess amount of heat from their body. But, if the painting is extremely heavy or noisy, or abnormal than usual, it may be a sign that goldie is dangerously overheated. 

Although, abnormal panting or heavy panting also indicate that the golden retriever is suffering from a chronic health problem or maybe experienced a life-threatening trauma. 

Golden retrievers often get overheated if they don’t get enough cool water and a cooler place to relax or as well as if they are left in a hot area for too long, like cars and in an open backyard. 

How Do I Keep My Golden Retriever Cool?

There are tons of different ways to keep the golden retrievers cool in hot weather easily.

  • Keep them inside when the outside temperature is rising.
  • Make sure you have a shady place in the backyard so they can sit there.
  • Use cool collars and harnesses whenever you are out with your golden retriever. 
  • Provide them enough cool water not (cold).
  • Allow your goldie to spend time in the kid’s shallow water pool.
  • Naver leaves them in a closed room and car.
  • Circulate cool air around them.
  • Keep the garden sprinkler on when they are out in the garden. 
  • Provide food that has cooling properties like barley, spinach, celery, cabbage, etc.
  • Let them spend little time in the air conditioner room. 
  • Allow them to lay on tile flooring, like in the kitchen and bathroom, but make sure you dog-proof both of the places before letting him in. 

These are the most common ways to keep Golden Retriever cool in hot temperatures, especially in the summer months.