17 Super Fluffy Dark Brown Cat Breeds (With Picture)

Brown cats are quite rare, but dark brown and chocolate brown cats are extremely hard to find. However, Havana cats are the most common breed that develops brown or dark brown color. But unfortunately, they are not fluffy at all. 

So if you are looking for fluffy dark brown cats, then you are on the right page because we’ve gathered a list of cat breeds that are fluffy like a cotton ball and brown like dark chocolate. 

So let’s have a look at each breed.

Here Are Some Super Fluffy Dark Brown Cats


Fluffy Dark Brown Ragdoll cat

This beautiful-looking furry cat is a slow-maturing cat breed that takes a bit more time to fully mature than any other breed. Ragdolls are intelligent and good learners, meaning you can easily train them some common tricks such as how to sit. 

This breed commonly has point colors, including chocolate, cream, blue, seal, etc. But they also have a solid color like dark brown or sometimes shades of Tabby marking on his long fluffy fur. 

Norwegian Forest Cat 

Fluffy Dark Brown Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat is the double-coated breed and fluffiest dark brown cat on the list. The breed is well known for its slow maturity means that they take almost 4 – 5 years to step into their maturity age. This breed is often known as Wedgie by Ailurophiles.  

Wedgies have a little wild look but don’t get fooled by their appearance, as they are a very family-oriented, calm-natured, friendly, and outgoing cat breed as well as they don’t mind being left alone. 

Persian Cat

Fluffy Dark Brown Persian cat

This popular pedigree cat is one of the most glamorous brachycephalic cats in the whole cat world. With docile nature and sweet tamper makes it a good pet in the household. But their long fluffy; and silky double-coats require a lot of grooming, as they matt and tangle very quickly. 

They love playing with well-mannered kids and don’t mind sitting on your lap the whole day. They are not so needy, which means if you are pretty busy and don’t have enough time for them, they can easily spend their entire day laying on the sofa or chair and even on the bed. 

Maine Coon 

Fluffy Dark Brown Maine Coon cat

This adaptable and affectionate cat breed is the largest domestic cat, with an average length of 2 to 3 feet and sometimes more than that! Maine Coon has all the quality, which cat lovers want from their cats. 

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A long fluffy beautiful dark color coat and muscular and strong body increase Maine Coon’s attractiveness. They also make a good mouser for your home because of their pure hunting instincts, which they never lose! They are very smart cats who love being with their owners. 

Selkirk Rex 

Fluffy Dark Brown Selkirk Rex cat

This cute medium to large size curly hair cat is a very loving breed that has a highly playful nature. If you keep your Selkirk Rex coat well-groomed, her coat will stay soft and plush. Most people who live with Selkirk describe that the cat has a little clownish side means you will never feel bored with them!

Don’t ever think to leave this breed alone at home because they hate being left alone. As they love playing, make sure you have enough time for them to be entertained with toys. 

British Longhair

Fluffy Dark Brown British Longhair cat

This easygoing breed is actually a crossbreed of two beautiful cats British Shorthair and Persian. British Longhair is a good pet for those who go out for work because this breed is purely independent, which means they can spend their entire day alone with some mental stimulation toys. 

They have both their parent’s qualities like British Shorthair’s intelligence, affectionate, plus Persian’s long fluffy coat, and much more. And this breed hates being picked up, so make sure you will not pick them here and there, as they are happier on ground level.

York Chocolate 

Fluffy Dark Brown York Chocolate cat

York Chocolate is completely dark brown or chocolate color, as their name says. They have a long fluffy coat that mostly comes in a solid color that either comes in dark chocolate or dark brown. Like most cats, they are also a pretty social breed that sometimes requires human or other cats’ companionship. 

However, they can spend most of their time on their own. York Chocolate makes an unbreakable bond with their loved ones, particularly with one person in the household.

Highland Fold 

Fluffy Dark Brown Highland Fold cat

Highland Fold and Scottish Fold are the same breed but separated by name because of their coat. Scottish Fold has short soft hair, while Highland Fold has a long fluffy soft coat that comes in a variety of colors. 

If you always wanted a cat that is involved in all your works, “such as house cleaning, gardening, etc.,” then there is no other choice than Highland Fold. The breed has a very cute and charming appearance (especially their face) because of their folded ears.

Siberian Cat

Fluffy Dark Brown Siberian cat

This national cat of Russia has a genuinely fluffy and cuddly coat. They are complete people-oriented cats that like being surrounded by people whom they love. 

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They are also a playful and active breed that loves playing a game with their loved ones; whether it’s a game of fetch or just a usual game, these cats are always ready to play. They also do well as therapy cats because of their sweet and calm nature. 

American Bobtails 

Fluffy Dark Brown American Bobtails cat

American Bobtails are very confident pets that have a good ability to adapt to any household environment. They are friendly cats who do well with other household pets if socialized from an early age. This breed has a wild bobcat appearance, but unfortunately, they aren’t active and energetic like them! American Bobtails prefer to lay in the house than play with others.

People often consider this breed as a golden retriever of the cat world. If you love traveling, then having American Bobtails is a great option for you as they make a good travel partner for long-distance.

Himalayan Cat

Fluffy Dark Brown Himalayan cat

Himalayan cats are the cross between Siamese and Persian, which is why this breed has both their parent’s qualities, Like Siamese friendliness and intelligence, and Persian’s fluffy long hair and sweet nature. As they are a social breed, they love to spend time on their owner’s lap to be petted. 

Even though they are very social, they can still easily spend time alone for hours. Their fluffy dark brown coat does require daily brushing to keep them fluffy all day long. 

Japanese Bobtail 

Fluffy Dark Brown Japanese Bobtail cat

Playfulness and talkative nature give the Japanese bobtail a unique personality among all cats. Where most cats hate water, Japanese Bobtail’s love toward water is so affectionate that they can spend their entire time playing near ponds or even with their water bowl. 

Even though they have short hair, their coat is still quite a bit soft and fluffy. For people who enjoy small homes or RV’s, Japanese bobtails are the best-suited for them for sure! As they are social cats, they love human or other cat companionship. 

Oriental Longhair

Fluffy Dark Brown Oriental Longhair cat

Oriental Longhair is the breed that is well suited for the home where they have enough company because they are known to be a very talkative breed. And not just talkative; they are also intelligent enough that you can easily train them to walk on a leash. 

The sleek body and long dark fur make the Oriental look more appealing. Oriental cats are affectionate cats who don’t take too much time to become friends with each member of your family, from household pets to adults.

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Burmese Cat

Fluffy Dark Brown Burmese cat

Burmese is another shorthair cat with a silky soft coat that comes in many colors, including silver chocolate, brown, dark brown, blue, etc. In Burmese, both males and females have different personalities meaning if you are looking for a calm lap cat, go with male Burmese. 

And female Burmese are more attention grabber, that always tries to rule everything in the home. Both males and females are good entertainers and can entertain you even when they get old. 

Munchkin Cat

Fluffy Dark Brown Munchkin cat

Munchkin cats are well known worldwide for their short legs but don’t misjudge their looks with speed because they are pretty fast cats. They already have a long body, but their long fluffy fur makes them look slightly longer than they actually are. 

They are highly intelligent and stranger-friendly cats who do well with everyone, no matter whether it’s kids, adults, other pets, and even dogs. Munchkin doesn’t jump high as other cats do, which is good; if you don’t want your cat to jump on a kitchen countertop and bookshelf. 

Scottish Fold 

Fluffy Dark Brown Scottish Fold cat

This furball is a sweet-tempered cat that makes an excellent bond with its owner, particularly the person they like the most in the household. Scottish Fold often suffers from separation anxiety, which means they always require a companion, whether it’s human or other pets. 

They don’t have a long coat, but still, their fur is soft and fluffy to touch, which comes in varieties of colors, including brown & dark brown, black, blue, cream, white, and many more. 

Somali Cat

Fluffy Dark Brown Somali cat

Somali is a very decent-looking cat that is great in everything, whether it’s about high jumps, climbing, intelligence, playfulness, and more. They are the complete package of joy. They are like little detectives in the home who love to investigate everything that your other family members are doing.

Their long silky coat isn’t like other cats that require much care to keep them fluffy. Just once or twice a week of combing is enough for Somali cats to keep their coat soft and silky. If you don’t know the real meaning of cleverness, then spend time with the Somali cat at least once. 

Final Thought

Make sure whenever you are looking for pets, do try to adopt them rather than shop them from the breeders.